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103Re: [BACnetLighting] Feedback DMF-011

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  • Steve Karg
    Aug 9, 2006
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      Hi Jörg,

      > Auto Off - Yes, I think so. We had decided that when writing the
      > Present Value directly that no funny business would occur. Setting the
      > lights to a specific level with the optional delay and relinquish
      > features would only occur when writing via Lighting_Command.

      I was discussing the DMF-011-9 proposal today and noticed that what I
      said earlier is not true. When the blink attributes are configured, the
      Present_Value performs an automatic relinquish accompanied by a blink.

      So, the Auto_Off feature that you wrote about could be accomplished by
      setting the Blink_Time to 0. "A Blink_Time of zero shall disable this
      blink off effect."

      Perhaps we could clarify this Auto_Off without a blink feature by adding
      a sentence in the middle of 12.X.11.1 Blink Warning Behavior: "When
      Blink_Time is zero and Present_Value becomes 0%, the lights shall remain
      on and not blink for up to Blink_Delay seconds."

      Best Regards,

      Steve Karg
      Lithonia Lighting
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