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101Re: Feedback DMF-011

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  • jbroeker2712
    Aug 9, 2006
      Hi Steve,

      please find my comments below ...

      --- In BACnetLighting@yahoogroups.com, Steve Karg <steve@...> wrote:
      > > o Auto_Off_Delay (REAL, seconds) Auto_Off_Priority (Unsigned): If
      > > Auto_Off_Delay is set to a value greater 0, any Present_Value
      written at
      > > a priority equal or lower than Auto_Off_Priority automatically
      > > relinquishes after Auto_Off_Delay seconds. This feature is used for
      > > staircase lighting (at least in Europe).
      > > o On_Delay (REAL, seconds) Off_Delay (REAL, seconds): If the
      > > Present_Value is changed from 0 to some value greater than zero or
      > > versa the dim action is delayed for the time given in these
      > > - A Dim_Mode property ("Ramp" or "Fade") could select the dim mode
      > > when the value is changed via the Present_Value property. This would
      > > allow controller with no specific support for the Lighting Object to
      > > control it like a simple Analog Output object.
      > We had discussed having the Present_Value behave in the manners that
      > describe, but decided against it since those features could be created
      > using the Lighting_Command. Any device that can control the
      > Present_Value of the Lighting Output object *should* be able to control
      > it using the Lighting_Command enumeration. In other words, if the
      > device knows about the new object type, it would also know about the
      > properties of the object. This was also discussed at the SSPC-135
      > BACnet committee.

      Does this comment also relate to the auto-off and the delay features?

      > The same could be said about the DALI scenes.

      I implemented the DALI scenes using multi-state output objects. Each
      object is assigned to a DALI group. The states are "Recall scene x" (x
      = 0 to 15), "Store scene x", and "Remove scene x". Now, if the
      multi-state output object assigned to group 3 is set to recall scene 4
      the DALI command recall scene 4 is sent to group 3.

      > > BTW, are there any plans for a BACnet Constant Light Controller
      > I am not sure what Constant Light Controller means. If it means
      > relay-based lighting, there is another proposal, DMF-019, that adds
      > blink warn and timeout to the Binary objects. There have been other
      > proposals to add automatic relinquish, but those have been dropped for
      > now in favor of the Lighting Output object.

      A constant light controller keeps the luminosity of a room constant.
      For this purpose it uses the input of a luminosity sensor and
      controlls the room lights accordingly.

      Best regards,

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