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1Meeting Notes - Draft

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  • Karg, Steve
    Apr 6, 2001
      Hi Group!

      I worked on some minutes this week from our meeting last week. Please take
      a look at them and let me know of any errors, omissions, format changes,
      etc. so I can modify the document before sending it to the FTP site (is this
      where it should go?).

      The BACnet site has been updated and some of the Washington attendees can be
      seen in the photo at the capitol. See http://www.bacnet.org/ under Latest

      There has been a suggestion to change the list server name from lighting-wg
      to BACnet-lighting-wg in order to better identify the list for those who are
      subscribed to multiple groups. What are your thoughts? Please post them to
      this list...


      Steve Karg
      Senior Engineer
      Lithonia Lighting, ESG
      Decatur, Georgia USA
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