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    Hi While *surfing*, I came upon a new site (at least for me). Punched in Stuyvesant and pulled up several hits. The most interesting seemed to be the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 1998
      While *surfing*, I came upon a new site (at least for me). Punched in
      Stuyvesant and pulled up several hits. The most interesting seemed to be the
      following. Perhaps if someone one the list is able to visit the New York
      Historical Library, they could research the documents referenced. It seems
      like would be a gold mine of information. I also did a search on the surname
      Backer, but came up zero.


      Author: Stuyvesant family.Title: Papers, 1647-1909.
      Description: ca.2,000 items.
      Notes: See "A Guide to Dutch Manuscripts Relating to New
      Netherland", New York State Library, 1978, p. 64-70.
      Prominent in New York and New Jersey.
      Correspondence, account books, deeds,
      commissions, bills & receipts, misc. papers, photographs,
      printed material, 1647-1909, of various members of the
      related Stuyvesant, Rutherfurd, and allied families,
      particularly Gerardus Stuyvesant (d.1777), Nicholas William
      Stuyvesant (d.1780), Peter Stuyvesant (d.1805), Nicholas
      William Stuyvesant (1769-1833), Peter Gerard Stuyvesant
      (1778-1847), Walter Rutherfurd (1723-1804), John Rutherfurd
      (1760-1840), Robert Walter Rutherfurd (1788-1852), Lewis
      Morris Rutherfurd (1816-1892), and Rutherfurd Stuyvesant
      (1843�1909). -- The following is included: correspondence &
      papers, 50 items 1647-1700, and almost entirely in Dutch,
      concerning Govert Loockermans (d.1671), a N.Y. official;
      business papers, 1740's, and fabric samples of Mary
      Alexander; 78 p. log book of several voyages between Perth
      Amboy, N.J. and the West Indies, 1750-52; 14 letters,
      1781-85, to Peter Stuyvesant from Loyalist Myles Cooper
      (1737-1785) in London and Edinburgh; 2 family account books,
      1789-99, of Walter and Catherine Rutherfurd; 2 account
      1797-1829, concerning Peter Stuyvesant and his estate; 5
      letters, 1812-13, from John Jay to his son, Peter Augustus
      Jay; much correspondence, 1840's-60's, between Lewis Morris
      Rutherfurd and his son, Rutherfurd Stuyvesant; 18 pocket
      diaries of Rutherfurd Stuyvesant, 1869-89;
      and in the later period, correspondence & papers
      of Rutherfurd Stuyvesant relating to the operation of his
      Tranquillity Farm in Warren Co., N.J., his interest in arms
      and armor, and yacht "Arcturus".
      Subjects: Alexander, Mary, 1694-1760.
      Cooper, Myles, 1737-1785. Jay, John, 1745-1829.
      Jay, Peter Augustus, 1776-1843.
      Loockermans, Govert, d.1671.
      Rutherfurd, John, 1760-1840.
      Rutherfurd, Lewis Morris, 1816-1892.
      Rutherfurd, Robert Walter, 1788-1852.
      Rutherfurd, Walter, 1723-1804.
      Stuyvesant, Gerardus, d.1777.
      Stuyvesant, Nicholas William, d.1780.
      Stuyvesant, Nicholas William, 1769-1833.
      Stuyvesant, Peter, d.1805.
      Stuyvesant, Peter Gerard, 1778-1847.
      Stuyvesant, Rutherfurd, 1843-1909.
      Rutherfurd family. New Jersey.
      New York (N.Y.) Account books. ftamc
      Commissions ftamc Deeds. ftamc
      Diaries. ftamc Logbooks. ftamc
      Location: New-York Historical Society, Manuscript Dept. 170
      Central Park West, New York, NY 10024.
      Control No.: NYHW85-A233
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