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Ayreton Craft Ale Week 2015

Greetings! I started this last year so if I do it this year, it is tradition, right? :) Anyway, May 14th through May 24th is Chicago Craft Beer Week and I
Apr 4, 2015

January get together...

Greetings, January get together will be the day after 12th Night, Jan. 18th, 2pm at Temperance Brewing in Evanston. I will post as we get closer about
Dec 30, 2014

All Souls Brewing Contest

Greetings, My apologies for the lateness of this post. I have no real excuse...with that said there will be a brewing contest at All Souls! Two categories,
Oct 17, 2014

Ayreton Craft Ale Week

Greetings!    Her Excellency and I have decided that May 16 th through May 26 th of this year will be known as Ayreton Craft Ale Week. This happens to
Apr 1, 2014

Fwd: invitation for brewers post-revel at Awakenings

Greetings,   See below....     Brewers and Vintners A&S Post-Revel The event: The Awakening 27, Shire of Baile na Scolairi April 26, 2014 Event website:
Feb 21, 2014

Valentine's Day MEad Tasting...

Greetings,   My appologies for not posting this sooner. See link below for a mead tasting at the Irish American Heritage Center on Valentine's Evening.  I
Feb 9, 2014

Re: test jugs

the whole package.  You can never really save the other half plus the yeast only really 'eats' what is available. Henry ... From: "oswinrothgar"
Jun 28, 2013

test jugs

how much yeast should you put in 1 gallon test batches. the whole package or half oswin
Jun 28, 2013

Re: [Ayreton] Ayreton Brewers Guild to the White Courtesy Phone

Master Sean,   Would you please let us know who we can thank for such a generous gift?   Jane ________________________________ From: Tom Hughes
Jennie Tyderek
May 24, 2013

Re: [Ayreton] Ayreton Brewers Guild to the White Courtesy Phone

Master Sean, If no one else is available, I should be there are some point Sat afternoon. I can store them. Sent from my iPhone ... Master Sean, If no one else
Dougal MacAlister
May 23, 2013

An Update

Hey All,   Just a quick update (inspired by the update on the B&V Day of Play). At our last meeting we decided to try to have a meeting every other month.
Jennie Tyderek
Apr 16, 2013

Re: wine

Lalvin ICV-D47 yeast Average alchol tolerance up to 14%. Optimal fermentation temp. 59-68 deg. F IMO, You will likely need to use 20 lbs. Looks like it has
Apr 10, 2013


I put 10 pounds of honey with four and a half gallons of grape juice will it turn out to be a sweet wine. Using lalvin d47 yeasts Oswin
Apr 3, 2013

A Special Request

Dear All,   Petrona a.k.a. Chris Crowell contacted a few local brewers looking for 3-4 empty malt cans (the ridgeless kind).  Does anyone in the Guild have
Jennie Tyderek
Feb 5, 2013

Hello Brewers!

First, apologies for falling off the face of the earth for awhile. Both Anne and I have had a number of real life challenges lately. But we are now ready and
Jennifer Tyderek
Jan 21, 2013
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