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  • I believe it is Sarafina. Philippa From: Ayreton@^$1 [mailto:Ayreton@^$2] Sent: Monday, December 22, 2014 10:21 PM To: Ayreton@^$3 Subject: [Ayreton] Stone Dog Inn Hey all, Who's the autocrat for Stone Dog 2015? Thanks! Kai
    Erika Hepler Dec 22, 2014
  • Latest news on the Ravenslake practice - they were unable to get the key for the facility, so there will be no practice today. There will be a Ravenslake business meeting at Maggie & Alexander's house (596 Windsor Dr Fox Lake IL 60020) at 1 PM. --- In Ayreton@^$1, susan mickelson wrote: > > Unto All I Give Greetings. > > Just a reminder that there is no sunday practice at U of C...
    ehepler Dec 8, 2013
  • The details are on the Ravenslake Events page, including a link to Google Maps: http://ravenslake.org/events.html --- In Ayreton@^$1, Christian Fournier wrote: > > Anyone have the address and starting/ending times, for this? > > On Apr 15, 2013, at 12:52 PM, Clint Anderson wrote: > > > > > > > Just FYI, I thought this had been publicized but maybe not. This Saturday Ravenslake has...
    ehepler Apr 15, 2013
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  • There are generally school sports practices going on outdoors concurrent with Tuesday evening practice, so archery isn't feasible during the week. Sometimes, he will make the school grounds available on Sundays for archery practice. I believe it is generally posted here when archery is planned. Regards, Philippa --- In Ayreton@^$1, "Sonia" wrote: > > Do they ever do archery at the...
    ehepler Jul 27, 2012
  • They are both from Ravenslake, working together in support of fundraising for KWAR/KWCS. Perhaps they just wanted to mention it more than once in case anyone missed it. Philippa --- In Ayreton@^$1, "Ardena6" wrote: > > Are there two different sets of folks > doing portraits at Stone Dog Inn? > I evidently got Baroness Keiley's post mixed up with > the one from Maggie of Cnoc Cait...
    ehepler Apr 10, 2012
  • Hello all, Did anyone find a navy and black camera bag containing a video camera at any of the recent local events (i.e. since Pennsic)? I keep expecting ours to turn up, but it hasn't. I seem to remember bringing it to an event, but can't remember which one. It's possible I left it somewhere, but it's been a while. Many thanks, Philippa Montague mka Erika Hepler
    ehepler Dec 6, 2010
  • Does anyone know if there is an update on the status of this? The article was written last Thursday, and said a decision would be made by Sunday. We'd be happy to donate time and money since my kids enjoy this every year, but don't want to do the latter if it were already decided to cancel the battle. Philippa Montague --- In Ayreton@^$1, jeffnaggie@^$2.. wrote...
    ehepler Jul 28, 2010
  • I just checked my receipt, and I've paid full feast price for my kids. If I can work off-line with the coordinator, perhaps I can switch my kids to the children's feast and free up two spaces at full feast. Can you contact me privately to figure this out? I don't know if there's any way to change the information available through the online registration, but it doesn't give any...
    ehepler Jan 4, 2010
  • We have two kids pre-registered for feast. I didn't see a specific choice for kids' feast, but we entered their ages, so maybe that will indicate kids' feast. Is the plan to have different food for the kids? They've really enjoyed feasts where that was the case, but they're fine eating whatever is being served. Philippa Montague --- In Ayreton@^$1, suzanearley@^$2.. wrote: > > Just...
    ehepler Jan 4, 2010
  • Replied to privately. --- In Ayreton@^$1, Dayle Harding wrote: > > Good Gentles-- > > Does anyone know how to contact Lady Verena Entenwirth? Her emails appear to be bouncing. > > Thanks, > Acelina >
    ehepler Dec 23, 2009