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  • My project for the TGS 12th Night is to organize "gondola races", since the event theme is Venice. What do you think about attaching paper boats on top of toy cars? Then they can race with wheels on a blue background. Sort of like a soapbox derby! I'm planning a practice boat-building session tomorrow, assuming there's any spare time at the Ayreton meeting and the following TGS...
    sirfern@sbcglobal.net Sep 17
  • I love making scrollcases to give away! How about a workshop at Scribin' and Imbibin? I will bring cardboard, fabric, sewing machine and other materials. If anyone has leftover fabric to contribute, that would be great! See you soon, Fern
    sirfern@sbcglobal.net Mar 9
  • Moose, that's so kind and helpful of you! I've got extra fabric, too, that I want to get rid of. I'll bring it to the meeting tonight, along with a few commercial patterns for medieval/ renaissance clothes. Anyone who wants my extra stuff is encouraged to contribute to the Moose Roof Fund! See you tonight! Fern
    sirfern@sbcglobal.net May 31, 2015
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  • Dear Kashiko and Morgause, Thanks so much for the reply! This is exactly what I was looking for! Some people who understand Japanese kimono, and also understand how to do educational demos for the public! How soon can you confirm your schedule? Date: Saturday, June 20. (Sunday is also available, but Saturday is more important). Time: 12 noon- 5pm. Location: Japanese Culture Center...
    sirfern@sbcglobal.net May 7, 2015
  • Dear Ayreton fans of Japanese culture, Would you like to help out with a kimono display? My Aikido group will be sponsoring a display of Kimonos (20th century) at the location below. This is part of a plan to build a room for tea ceremony at the Japanese Culture Center. The display is free, and it will be highly advertised as an opportunity to enjoy Japanese cultural arts. Dates...
    sirfern@sbcglobal.net May 4, 2015
  • Acelina, That gives me lots of choice for events. I will get the gifts to you before May 30. I had an enthusiastic sewing fit last weekend and made a half-dozen matching bags from fleur-de-lys fabric. Scrollcases are in progress. What fun! Fern
    sirfern@sbcglobal.net Apr 14, 2015
  • Dear Siobhan and Brygithe, Group pattern-making day! What a great idea! When can it happen? I wonder if it can be incorporated into any upcoming event? yours, Fern
    sirfern@sbcglobal.net Apr 8, 2015
  • Acelina, I can give you lots of pretty little fabric bags for largesse! I have bunches! Do you care about matching colors? How shall I get them to you? Do you want scrollcases, too? Fern
    sirfern@sbcglobal.net Apr 8, 2015
  • Wow! Everyone has such great ideas!Cotehardies and Chinese, and everything in between! I'm dying to see how they turn out! Can we see some pictures of the inspiration for your next garb? Overall, this sounds like a good opportunity for a garb-making class at the next event. I could teach houpplelandes--I've got a commercial pattern with multiple sizes, and houpplelandes are pretty...
    sirfern@sbcglobal.net Apr 4, 2015
  • Dear Ayreton, We will have a new set of Baron/ Baroness sometime this year. The selection process has officially begun with the call for Letters of Intent, as of the Baronial meeting last Sunday, March 29. This seems like a good opportunity to prepare for a celebration! What if we all had new garb for the Investiture event? The event cannot be scheduled until the new Baron/Baroness...
    sirfern@sbcglobal.net Apr 1, 2015