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  • Andrew Otto
    Angus steps out from behind the bar and bellows out of the door of The Oak. I ve just about had it with these pretty, prissy, neat an tidy arts nights. What
    Message 1 of 2 , May 7, 2007
      Angus steps out from behind the bar and bellows out of the door of The Oak.
      "I've just about had it with these pretty, prissy, neat an' tidy arts nights. What we need here in Ayreton is ta' wrestle with Nature, bend metal to our will, build things out of wood and wool, and fire and leather and glass and shrimp and duck tape and bone and sinew and Orlon and flour. We need ta' use dangerous, sharp, pointy, tools; toxic chemicals; and hit things with large hammers. 
      And so, startin' Sunday, May 27 and every other week thereafter, I'll be openin' th' Cellar Lab at Penilond Maner for
      Science Night!
      The night will commence at 4:00pm Central Time and will go until 11:00pm.
      This is a chance for all us wood butchers, metal workers, alchemists, mad scientists, cooks, brewers, leather crafters, loyal henchthings, and other craftspeople to get together in congenial company. Oh, and we will probably make and research stuff too.
      I have a pretty well-stocked shop for leatherwork, wood working and light metal working.: There are basic hand tools, a tablesaw, drill press, bandsaw, planer, jointer, router table, small lathe, compressor, and other assorted "stuff". I also have room for setting up tables for various other projects and a little space for project storage. As far as supplies go, there is sandpaper, glue, solvents, 110v electricity, some finishing stuff and the like. The kitchen is not gourmet, but we do have the basics for those wanting to try out their cooking skills (hint hint),
      These Science Nights will be open to all gentles, Everyone is welcome to drop by.and  build a project, learn techniques, kibitz, criticize, teach, show off, or just be social..Folks under the age of 16 need to have a parent/guardian present. This is not a recommended activity for wee ones.
      There are a couple of requirements.
      • A "Tool Marshal" will be selected each night to enforce safe use of the tools and the usage of personal safety equipment (yeah, even I will have to wear safety glasses).
      • Sprayed finishes must be sprayed outside, and lacquer-based finishes are not allowed to be applied inside at all (Rosaline is VERY sensitive to thinner fumes).
      • If you have never used a power tool before, you will need to be "authorized" in it's use (I figure that the worst that can happen with a hand tool a arterial bleeding as opposed to amputation on a power tool).
      • There will be no harassing the penguins (or the bears)!
      So come on by! Penilond Maner is at 5224 Pennywood Drive in Lisle  (60532). The phone number here is (630) 963-9128. There is a map here.
      Penilond is damp, but remember that power tools and alcohol do not mix. There might be pop and there probably will be coffee and tea. I encourage you to bring your own snacks and beverage of choice.
      I look forward to seeing you all!"
      Angus Fraser

      Don't get soaked. Take a quick peak at the forecast
      with theYahoo! Search weather shortcut.
    • spdesroches@att.net
      Woo hoo Angus! I am very happy to welcome this addition to the activities in our Town. You ll probably see me with my stuff to throw around some molten pewter
      Message 2 of 2 , May 7, 2007

        Woo hoo Angus!


        I am very happy to welcome this addition to the activities in our Town. You'll probably see me with my stuff to throw around some molten pewter soon.


        In Service to the Realm and Ayreton

        THL Etienne le Couteau des Roches

        Lord Mayor, Ayreton 

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