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To All Midlands Rapier Fighters

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  • Doug Petroshius
    Greetings to the Rapier Fighters of the Region of the Midlands from Serzantas Gintaras! If you have not heard yet, the Middle Kingdom Rapier Command staff
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2006
      Greetings to the Rapier Fighters of the Region of the Midlands from
      Serzantas Gintaras!

      If you have not heard yet, the Middle Kingdom Rapier Command staff named me
      Midlands Regional Rapier Commander. Yeeha! I just want you to know that I am
      honored to have the opportunity to be commander. I know that we will make
      our Kingdom proud.

      For those that do not know me I live in the Shire of Ravenslake and have
      been a heavy weapons fighter for 8 years. I am a companion of the Red
      Company and have only recently been fighting rapier. But that does not mean
      I am inexperienced with melee combat. I have fought in all of the war point
      battles at three Pennsic Wars and one Gulf Wars. My first rapier melees were
      at the ravine and open field battles at Gulf Wars this year. Having this
      experience and the other melees I fought, it is my observation that there
      are a lot of similarities between heavy weapons melees and rapier melees. I
      intend to capitalize on those similarities and help teach you what I know. I
      have also been in communication with the Midrealm Rapier Commanders who are
      also providing input. To further help with command of the Midlands, I have
      named an experienced Rapier Fighter as my Lt. Commander. His name is Anton
      du Marais. Please give him the same level of respect and attention that I
      know you will give me.

      At this time I want to also give a call out to all of the Heavy Weapons
      fighters out there that have yet to try Rapier. PLEASE, please give it a
      chance. If you are like me and are interested in seeing the Midrealm win at
      Pennsic, then keep in mind that the Rapier melees are war points too! :) The
      more people we have fighting in the melees, the better chances we have to
      win the war. If you "crossover" to rapier I guarantee that you will not be
      alone. In fact, 100% of the Regional Rapier Commanders and the Kingdom
      Rapier Commander are all authorized heavy fighters and will be bringing
      their gear to help the Kingdom efforts in both heavy and rapier war points.

      Finally, since the concept of a Regional Rapier unit is fairly new, I would
      like to begin a roster of all the Midlands Rapier Fighters. This list will
      be used for communication and planning purposes. I plan to update it every
      year and when a new commander is chosen for the region, it can be passed
      onto them. So, if you could please take a brief moment and fill out the
      fields below, I would greatly appreciate it. Once you have completed that,
      just email the info back to me and I will begin entering it into a database.
      Those with an asterisk are Optional.

      SCA Name:
      Mundane Name:
      Group Residing In:
      *Fighting Household or Group:
      Preferred Fighting Style (include length of blade):
      Will you be fighting with the Midlands at Pennsic War in 2006?

      The next opportunity for us to fight together will be at the Border Skirmish
      in the Shire of Ravenslake. If you are attending, I encourage you to fight
      in the battles against our friends and family in the North. It should be a
      great time and will give us an opportunity to see what we do well and what
      we need to improve on.

      I hope to see you there!

      Midlands Regional Rapier Commander
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