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Classes, classes and MORE classes

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  • Ian Green
    From the desk of the Royal University of the Midrealm Chancelor Mike Hobbs ************************************** The Joint Aethelmearc Academy/Royal
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2013
      From the desk of the Royal University of the Midrealm Chancelor Mike Hobbs


      The Joint Aethelmearc Academy/Royal University of the Middle Session is coming and it is starting to come together beautifully.

      First, the InterKingdom Brewing Guild is coming to RUM! With the IKBG the only way to become a master or a judge is to enter so many competitions, and each competition you can only enter in so many items.

      Second, Mistress Serena is putting together a unique Silk Symposium entitled "Moth to Cloth". “Moth to Cloth” is currently in the planning phases, with the goal being a full day “silk tract” that will cover the wonders of silk from many different vantage points, including rearing, reeling, weaving, commerce, history and more!

      Third, classes, classes and more classes. It looks like we may have up to 140 classes!

      Here are a few:
      Confections and the Banquet 
      Road Food 
      Transcribing the Wagstaff Miscellany 
      Cialdoni: the Naughty Italian Pastry 
      Eating in Settlement Era Iceland 
      Grooming Medieval Style 
      14th Century Hairstyles 
      14th and 15th century Counted Thread Embroidery 
      Making the Norse Apron Dress 
      The Thorsberg Trousers (tentative) 
      16th Century French Fashions (tentative) 
      Pre-16th Century Seam and Edge Finishing Techniques 
      German Tellerbarret Hats: Make and Take 
      Patterning the Grande Assiette Sleeve 
      Balance Your Humors: the Science of Choosing Your Drink 
      The Mad Queen & Other Chess Variants from Medieval Europe 
      Sorcery 101 
      Sorcery 102: Cartomancy 
      Paternosters: The Evidence 
      Hand Sewing Leather 
      Introduction to Period Stained Glass 
      Blockprinted Fabric 

      Period Pigments Without Poisoning Yourself

      More classes will be added as I have them...

      Fighting classes are being added as we speak and the performing arts will have their own space!

      Here is the event website:

      In addition, the fun does not stop there!

      The Shire of Coppertree will be hosting a standalone session of the Aethelmearc Academy soon after in Little Falls, NY. If you can't come to the joint event, I better see you there!


      Yours In Service,

      THLord Ian the Green

      Resistit simplicitati veritas"

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