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TGS Twelfth Night - Craftspersons Faire and Laurel Prize Tourney!

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  • Jen Small
    Greetings, friends!   I am pleased to announce that we will once again have a Craftspersons Display and Laurel Prize Tourney at the Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2013
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      Greetings, friends!
      I am pleased to announce that we will once again have a Craftspersons Display and Laurel Prize Tourney at the Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night, January 18 2014.
      I would love to see all of our wonderful local artisans display their creations, performance and research again this year!  Here's how it works.
      Craftspersons Faire
      How do I enter? Send a message to me before the event, letting me know the kind of display and how much space you need.  If it's a performance, let me know that too.  We will be happy to have people show up on the day of the event to display as well, but giving me advance notice ensures that we'll have enough space and time for you.
      What may I enter?  You can bring finished works or works in progress. You can bring one thing, a whole display, or a body of work to show off. You can bring documentation or not.  This is an open-ended faire for you to display the work you're proud of!
      What about performances?  Last year we had a challenge finding a good time and space for performances, but I am determined to show off the performers of the Midrealm!  Never fear, we will make sure there is a special concert/performance time for you.  We will have the Music Room available for a concert time.  We will make sure there are special prizes for the performers as well.
      Laurel Prize Tourney
      Laurels will sponsor specific challenges and award prizes for those who fulfill their challenges.  Laurels may also give prizes for general excellence that they see.  We will also have event-based prizes.  Pending approval of whatever dignitaries are holding court, we will call up the winners to receive their prizes in Court as well, so all can witness your achievements.  The list of challenges and prizes is below.  We will add to it as more challenges arrive.  Laurels - contact me if you want to offer a challenge and prize!
      Populace Bean Count Winner. Sponsored by Tree-Girt-Sea. Everyone visiting the Faire gets 10 beans to distribute amongst the entries as they wish.  The entry with the most beans will get a prize - probably a basket of goodies!
      Best Italian entry. Sponsored by the Event Staff. For this Italian event, bring your best Italian work!  Calligraphy, food, costuming, anything!  Prize will be wonderful, TBD.
      Populace Performance Winner. Sponsored by Tree-Girt-Sea. We will find a way to gauge audience reaction to the performances.  The winner will get a prize!
      Best late period embroidery (15th to 16th c). Sponsored by Mistress Crespine. The prize will be a hand-made, historically accurate embroidery kit, featuring the works of many fine artisans.  Everybody, get working on your embroidery projects now - this prize is going to be amazing.
      Best novice effort at 16th century European Costuming. Sponsored by Mistress Crespine.  Prize TBD.
      Best musical performance. Sponsored by Mistress Gianetta.  I will be looking for performance quality and how well you engage the audience.  Can be instrumental, vocal, or both; individual or groups.  Prize TBD.
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