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Fwd: From the Regional Seneschal's Desk: August, AS 48

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  • Steve DesRoches
    ... From: Marie la Fauconniere Date: Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 11:30 AM Subject: From the Regional Seneschal s Desk: August, AS 48 To:
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    Forwarded from the Midlands Regional Seneschal:

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    From: Marie la Fauconniere <midlandsseneschal@...>
    Date: Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 11:30 AM
    Subject: From the Regional Seneschal's Desk: August, AS 48
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    Greetings, all!

    If you've just returned from Pennsic, welcome home! It's been quiet on the SCA front for the rest of us, an opportunity to work on projects or to take time for the other things in our lives. But there are lots of good events coming in the Region in the next few months for us all to get our Midlands fix...

    I have just a couple of quick notes this month to pass along.
    • Seneschal's reports are due this month - Shire and Canton reports on the 15th, Baronial on the 30th. If you're going to be late, please let me know. I've attached the PDF version of the report form; we had a few issues with it last time, so if you want to use it, please note: Save the form to your hard drive before *and* after you fill it out, then attach it to an e-mail to send it to me. DO NOT use the "send" option from the Adobe menu - it'll wipe out all your entries and I'll receive a blank form (frustrating for both of us!). There's a version for MSWord on the regional website (on the Seneschal page), or you can type your answers into an e-mail to me.
    • As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Kingdom now requires we use their specific form at Troll instead of any other systems we had in place. I'll be using it for the first time myself at MKAOD and will pass along any learnings I gain; otherwise, I suggest contacting the Kingdom Exchequer if you have any questions regarding it.
    • REGIONAL JOB OPENING: Lady Asa has notified me that she wishes to step down as Regional Chronicler, effective immediately. Please pass this along to your groups and have anyone who may be interested in the position contact either Lady Asa or me.
    I'll be attending a number of events in the next couple of months, both in and out of the Region. As usual, I'm available for "office hours" whenever you see me wearing the red ribbon and sparkly Key. Come say hello!
    • Aug 17            Swine & Roses                                         South Bend, IN (White Waters)
    • Aug 23-24       Feast of St Ethyl/Baroness War              Chatham, IL (Swordcliff)
    • Aug 30-Sept 1 MKAOD                                                  Manteno, IL (Ravenslake)
    • Sep 7               Fox Hunt                                                  Big Rock, IL (Fox Vale)
    • Sep 21             Shire of Dark River 35th Anniversary      Moline, IL (Dark River)
    • Oct 18-20       Crown Tourney                                         Noblesville, IN (Sternfeld)
    • Oct 26             All Hallows Revel                                    Glasford, IL (Lochmorrow)
    • Nov 2              All Souls'                                                  Roselle, IL (Vanished Wood)
    • Nov 9              Glass Arts Day                                         Kalamazoo, MI (Three Hills)
    • Nov 16            St Nicholas Toys for Tots                        Plymouth, IN (White Waters)
    Unfortunately, as of right now I'll have to miss both Fields of Cloth and Gold (Oct 5, Illiton) and Crystal Ball (Nov 9, Shattered Crystal) due to schedule conflicts. (sad face!)

    That's it for this month. Keep sending in award recommendations - Their Majesties can't recognize the goodness that is the Midlands unless we help Them to know it exists!
    Play nice, share the toys, have fun...
    SCA: THL Marie la Fauconniere, C.D.H., C.W., Meadows Herald (macgregorscairn@... / 847-452-2032 cell)
    Midlands Regional Seneschal (midlandsseneschal@...)

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