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Re: [MidrealmSeneschals] Classes at Foxhunt

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  • Jeffnaggie
    Correction. September 7, 2013. Not today. ... From: Jeffnaggie To: ayreton ; midrealmseneschals
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 7, 2013
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      Correction.  September 7, 2013.  Not today.  :-)
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      Sent: Wed, Aug 7, 2013 10:44 am
      Subject: [MidrealmSeneschals] Classes at Foxhunt

      Greetings to the Midland!
      The Canton of Foxvale is excited to hold Foxhunt IX - Foxhunt IX - Mongol Naadam on Saturday, August 7, 2013.
      What would make this more exciting would be lots of cool classes.  We will joyfully accept classes with a Mongolian theme, but are also joyfully accepting classes to fill any and other A and S tracks as well.
      Anyone interested in teaching please contact me at Jeffnaggie@... with your name, your class title, and a short description of your class.
      Thank you !
      Seneschals feel free to pass this on.
      Hillary of Langeforde
      Class Coordinator - Foxhunt IX

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