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      Good afternoon!

      If you could continue to forward these messages to your groups through email or Facebook, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!!

      In Service,

      Hi everyone!

      Thanks to the people who have already contacted me about helping out with battlefield setup at Pennsic! If there are more of you who can lend some time, whether during peace week or war week, it would be much appreciated! Please let me know as soon as you can!

      Jobs needing done at Pennsic for Martial Activities.

      Nightly duties: Empty trash and close and secure tents in case of storms.


      Empty trailer.

      Inventory trailer.

      Clean trailer.

      Picnic tables moved from Great hall to Martial points After land grab is over.

      100 hay bales moved to Archery to set up clout shoot.

      Set up archery range.

      100 hay bales moved to Youth point.

      34 hay bales moved to Thrown Weapons.

      Set up Thrown Weapons range.

      Build 12 (PVC bow stands from old PVC posts.  Measuring , sawing and gluing.

      Count  and separate t-posts from old 1 1/2 PVC.

      Cut  200 pcs. of 2inch PVC to 5 foot lengths. Drill 1/2 inch holes at top for rope. File smooth.

      Distribute coolers and tubs to various points.

      Distribute t-posts around outside of main list field every ten feet.

      Install t-posts in ten foot intervals and cover with new 2inch PVC.

      Install t-posts around youth point and cover with new 2inch PVC.  

      Install t-posts around rapier point and cover with new 2inch PVC.

      Install t-posts around three tourney list fields and cover with new 2inch PVC.

      Hang rope on all posts for Youth, Rapier, Main, Tourney fields.

      Lay out tents spaces for Royal pavilions before Monday peace week.  

      Over see pavilion set up Monday and Tuesday  to answer questions and deal with traffic.

      Build racks and shelves for trailer for Martial Acts.

      Place sign boards around fields.

      Assist with set up for  fund raising tourneys.

      Lay out hay bales for Allied battle before Sunday.

      Move hay bales  for Allied Champions battle before Sunday.

      Remove hay bales  for Allied  Champions battle Sunday afternoon.

      Caution tape woods battle boundaries and rez points.

      Assist Water1 with water supply movement to woods battle site.

      Assist Marshals to fix or make corrections to wood s site prior to battle.

      Clean up wood battle after battles are over. Remove all caution tape, bottles, lost and found, and wounded.

      Lay out Tower battle and lay out bridge ends. Set marker pins for bridges.

      Get 7 banner poles and bases out of the big trailer for town battle.

      Set up 700 plus hay bales for tower battle.  (We are trying to do this TUESDAY).

      Immediately after tower battle. Clear Combat archery arrows and bolts using dumpster bag.

      Take bag to CA tent.

      Begin building bridges for Rapier battle that afternoon! Build all five bridges for Friday.

      After battles are over remove hay bales to make large piles the Coopers can clean up easily with a backhoe.

      Over see pavilion tear down Friday and answer questions and deal with traffic.


      Collect PVC pipes and t-posts from all of battlefield and move to trailer for counting and storage.

      Collect and wind ropes, move to trailer for storage.

      Return Banner poles to big trailer for storage.

      Collect coolers and tubs from various points.

      Make sure all hay bales are in large piles at archery and thrown weapons.

      Inventory trailer as it is loaded.


      On Jul 8, 2013, at 11:08 PM, Kristi Ross <kpetranek@...> wrote:

      Hi everyone!

      I'm helping Syr Silverthorn organize some Pennsic battlefield volunteers. There are many jobs that need to be done, and if anyone going to Pennsic, fighter or not, can volunteer even an hour of their time, on any day, it would be incredibly helpful! 

      Lots of help is needed in the first week especially. Setup begins at 9am and goes through dusk every day. Other volunteers will be needed for war week as well, and possible  jobs will be posted soon.

      As an added bonus, there are a few nifty "Pennsic Hero" bottle openers for at least an hour of work, and if you help on Tuesday, it goes towards the volunteer war point!

      If interested, please give me an email with your modern and SCA names, your camp, your cell phone number (if you're okay with that!), and an approximate day and time you can help out.

      Feel free to give a shout with any questions. Thanks so much, please share and repost, I hope you have an awesome Pennsic!

      In Service,
      THL Christiana de Burgh
      Sgt. of the Red Company
      South Oaken Regional Seneschal 
    • Jennie Tyderek
      Hello Ayreton!! As you know, Pennsic is nearly here and the Ayreton Angels are gearing up for another great year on the battlefield supporting both the Heavy
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 15, 2013
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        Hello Ayreton!!
        As you know, Pennsic is nearly here and the Ayreton Angels are gearing up for another great year on the battlefield supporting both the Heavy and Rapier fighters.  As always we will be taking over a small corner in the back of the midlands tent on the main battlefield and providing fighter support to any who need it.
        We are currently looking for volunteers.  If you have a few minutes free, please stop by and give us a hand.  We have something for everyone to do - you don't need to be particularly physically fit or even understand fighting. 
        We will be supporting the following battles:
        Sunday:        Rapier Field Battle from 1:00 - 2:00
        Monday:       Heavy Field Battle from 10:00 - 12:00
        Tuesday:       None
        Wednesday:  None
        Thursday:      Heavy Tower Battle from 10:00 - 12:30
                              Rapier Bridge Battle from 1:00 - 2:00
        Friday:          Armored Bridge Battle from 11:00 - 12:30
        As I'm sure you all know, these battles don't necessarily follow the schedule, so we will likely be on the field before and after the times stated above.
        Please everyone have a safe and HYDRATED Pennsic. 
        Jane, Anne and Liam
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