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Re: [SCA-Tree-Girt-Sea] Re: [Ayreton] Update on Master Hal

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  • Grace Strauss
    Hal s surgery went well.  He is recovering nicely.  Please keep him in your thoughts. Matilda/Grace Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android Hal s surgery went well.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 20, 2013

      Hal's surgery went well. He is recovering nicely. Please keep him in your thoughts.


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      Quick update - Hal is in surgery now and expected to get out around noon.  Send good thoughts!

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      Hello everyone,

      I wanted to give you an update on Hal.  He is OK, but Sunday night he was hit by a car while walking in his neighborhood.  He's currently in the hospital with a broken neck bone (and neck brace) and a broken leg.  He is awaiting surgery for the broken leg.  The good news is that he can feel and wiggle everything, and his brain is fine.  The bad news is that he's really banged up and scraped up, and of course feeling terrible.

      I spoke to Juliana this morning about how we can all help.  They are very welcoming of any email and facebook well wishes, but right now Hal is not reachable by phone, and Jul wants to limit the calls that she receives.  So Grace, PJ, and I will be happy to take your calls and give updates on Hal's condition, and anything they want or need.  Please contact any of the three of us, and we'll take turns checking in with Jul.  When Hal has a chance to check in on Facebook or email, he will be glad to see your messages!

      We'll give you updates on Hal's condition as we get them.  Send all your prayers and good thoughts for a smooth and easy recovery.

      - Gianetta/Jen

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