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Re: [Ayreton] Testing?

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  • Jenna Klauss
    Good Day Everyone! Please feel free to pass this along to any groups I may have missed. Grey Hope will be hosting Crown Tournament in a week. Currently there
    Message 1 of 3 , May 17, 2013
      Good Day Everyone!  Please feel free to pass this along to any groups I may have missed.  

        Grey Hope will be hosting Crown Tournament in a week.  Currently there is a request for people to retain for their Majesties.  If you have an hour or two to donate to our Crown. I believe guard duty for the royalty room is also available for those that are a little shy.  Please contact Joann/Elena at mandymeroux at yahoo dot com 

      Also there will be a bake sale and baked goods are greatly appreciated.  If you are planning on bringing something to donate please include an index card with a list of ingredients so those that have food allergies will know what they may enjoy.  If you are not a baker and not interested in sweets, I could also use some help with manning the table.  Please contact me off list with a time and how long you would be available to help out.  My email is Jak238 at gmail dot com  Thank you for all of your assistance, below is the information of the reason we are doing this bake sale.  

      The Middle Take Care of its Own auction details!

      For those of you asking how you can help us help our friend struggling with HIV, here is how you can help:

      First, donations for the bake sale are graciously accepted and can be sent with me or anyone attending the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire on Saturday, May 25th. 

      Second, there will be a silent auction during the Faire on May 25th. If you would like to donate, please contact Mistress Elena de Vexin at mandymeroux@... as soon as possible. She will ask a description, photo (if possible), minimum price and a BUY IT NOW price. Once we have that we will post a description online and allow people to email her bids (first in gets it!). Anything that does not sell online will be placed in the silent auction the day of the event. AND, donations that day are also gladly accepted.

      Third, there will be a benefit concert featuring some of the best known names in the SCA directly following the end of the Faire. While final details are being worked out, the concert will be free pending donations. The cash bar will be open and we will be selling food so plan on staying!

      Finally, as people have already started to give me donations directly, please send donations to me at Mike Hobbs, 1204 E. Ohio St., Indianapolis, IN 46202.
      More details will follow. Thank you from all of us for helping give our friend time and resources to recover.


      On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 8:57 AM, Andrea Dubnick <AndreAllen@...> wrote:

      Is it something we said? Or is there no current flurry of action on this list?


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