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Fwd: Constellation Scribal Retreat - Thank yous

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  • Ian Green
    Yesterday the Shire of Mynydd Seren in the Middle Kingdom hosted The Constellation Scribal Retreat and it went very well. The Site did not burn down, explode
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 1935
      Yesterday the Shire of Mynydd Seren in the Middle Kingdom hosted The Constellation Scribal Retreat and it went very well.  The Site did not burn down, explode and to my knowledge nobody died.  We had about 30 participants come from all over the kingdom.  Every single region of the Middle Kingdom was represented by participants who came to the event.  Instructors also came from far and wide in the kingdom.  No less than 15 people went out of their way to tell me how wonderful the event was and the Kingdom Signet said he would love to see this event happen again next year.

      The success of this event had much to do with those who stepped up .  I very much wish to thank these people who not only showed up but did such wonderful work as to make things look easy.

      Much local help was given:

      Richard - Relatively new to participating in the shire helped with set-up left site and then came back to help with tear down, even bringing a vacuum from home;.

      Alan - Arranging the site, opening site and helping to ensure we put things back the way they should be during tear down so the Shire may keep its welcome;
      Taran - Provided and put up signage.  Helped with Set-up and Ran "troll", answering questions and directing people to where they wanted to go;

      Johannes - Crash-o-crat helped find places for people to stay and had many people stay at his place, also for sharing thoughts and ideas prior to the event, teaching, tutoring and Clean-up;

      Anne - Hostessing people in her place and helping with the end of clean-up;

      Kara - Feast-o-crat cooked an excellent lunch that everyone loved, cleaned up the kitchen BEFORE and after setting up for lunch, came in UNDER her budget;

      Sionnan - Helped with lunch and reminded us of basic rules of the site;

      Veena - For providing crash space;

      Dan - For coming to the event and talking about bamboo to scribes;

      Audelinde - For letting us borrow Dan;

      But these are not the only people who helped make the Constellation Scribal Retreat a Success.  Indeed people came from all over the Kingdom that made this event a success!  Here are those that I caught doing awesome and what I caught them at doing:

      Jocelyn of Lutterworth - For teaching two well attended calligraphy classes, offering to tutor and informal teaching as well;

      Iohannes Weisswald - For teaching and for setting up a scribal geek out and petting session of period manuscripts at the Lilly Library here in town;

      Justice McCartan - For coming and giving the Keynote Talk as the Dragon Signet, for lots of informal teaching as well; and some very nice talks

      Ambr Stormwatch - For braving flood waters to teach what few others teach so well, how to draw Acanthus leaves, keeping me updated on her ability to come and for several good conversations;

      RanthulfR - for teaching two classes, tutoring three people, setting up a wonderful display in the Scribal Show, Tell & Try area and for helping with clean-up;

      Roana - for teaching a class, and keeping me updated on her ability to come;

      Katerina - For teaching a class, volunteering to tutor, showing me (and many others,) her book binding examples, going out of her way to make sure I had her class notes and DVD

      Arina - For teaching a class, doing informal teaching and for helping with clean-up;

      Angharad - For volunteering to tutor, informal teaching, making period paintbrushes and discussions on how to make parchment;

      Angus - For braving flood waters to come to the event to help with the kitchen;

      And most importantly:

      Hroswitha my wife - for helping me find my head once it left my shoulders and keeping me pointed mostly in a straight line and putting up with the autocrat of the event in her own home.

      I also want to thank everyone who came.  You also made this event special.  Scribes so rarely get to hang out with one another and do scribal stuff without being worried about getting the combat scribed scroll done in time.  It was an honor and a treat to be surrounded by so many people with varied scribal interests each joyfully sharing and learning from one another.  You also kept site in good condition and that made the clean-up go so much easier than it otherwise would have.

      If I have missed you or something that you did to help, please forgive my event addled brain.  I certainly wish to give credit where it is due.  Please know that you too have my large thanks!

      People of the Middle Kingdom, of the Known World, these people deserve a round of applause and your best shout of appreciation!  They certainly have mine.


      Yours In Service,

      THLord Ian the Green

      Veritatem resistit simplicitate"

      My Blog
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