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Re: A last note from the FORMER Lady Mayor

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  • ayretontownecryer
    Oh ex-boss... There are other things that we of Ayreton should be duly thankful to as well. Unto the Populace of Ayreton and indeed everyone that came, our
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 25, 2007
      Oh ex-boss...

      There are other things that we of Ayreton should be duly thankful to
      as well.

      Unto the Populace of Ayreton and indeed everyone that came, our
      sincere thanks! Without you this event would have been all for
      naught. It is you that attended. It is you that went to classes,
      it is you that participated in the championships.

      Unto the Thieves of Hearts our thanks for having provided lunch and
      feeding th hungry souls who came to your table. If there was a
      fault in the amount of food it certainly wasn't the Thieves fault as
      they made the number they were asked to make. Also thanks the
      Thieves of Hearts for helping out with serving feast, one with a
      broken arm even. And even among the Thieves we must thank Captain
      Liam Martini for it is he who unlocked the doors and seemingly was

      Unto our Champions of Ayreton each and every one. Our grateful
      thanks to your skill, comportment and courtesy. We expect you to
      continue to shine as an example of our great area! Our thanks to
      their opponents. Everyone fought with skill as well as courtesy and
      comportment. It was no easy task to pick merely one champion for
      each category.

      Yes, we of Ayreton have champions in Archery, youth archery, Rapier,
      Heavy, and (forgive me for I am spelling this phonetically as best I
      can) Hoonkerhausen. I dare say no other group in the SCA has a
      champion for Hoonkerhausen. (Yes, I'll let another good gentle
      explain the game. Personally I blame Sgt of the Red Company Duncan
      the Monster.)

      Our thanks to Metylda, class coordinator of a fantastic class
      schedule! Also and certainly our thanks to the instructors of those
      classes. It is you that enrich our area and most importantly the
      Kingdom by spreading your knowledge and encouraging others to pick
      up a new skill, craft or interest and pursue it as well as improve
      skills already known.

      There are so many who did so much to help. If we were but perfect
      we could, and would, recognize each ane every one of you. Alas we
      are not perfect and so please forgive our lapses. Know that we
      understand that without everyone who pitched in on this event it
      could not have been as wonderful as it was. Our thanks to you and
      our apologies for not publicly recognizing you.

      Now good folks of Ayreton the final numbers are not fully known to
      me and when they are I daresay I shall announce them. We had in
      attendance 200 people at this event. Those 200 people can attest
      that the event site is not merely large but truly HUGE! 200 people
      hardly filled the space at all. Easily we could have had another
      200 people and still not filled the space.

      I, personally, look forward to having this event again and with more
      people in attendance. This was the first Ayreton Carnivale and YOU!
      made it a success. Lets make it a bigger success next time!

      Oh, and yeah, we have a new mayor...

      Wonder if this one'll let me keep my head too...

      Ian the Green Ayreton Towne Cryer

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, Dayle Harding <acelinaofderelei@...>
      > Good citizens of Ayreton (and their friends)--
      > Yesterday was a fabulous success for all. My family and I all had
      fun, and I heard only positive things. Those who did not stay for
      feast missed out on great food and fun.
      > We all owe a huge Thank You to Tedesco and Llochlain for being
      great co-autocrats, Ghita and her crew for a great feast, and all
      the marshals, runners, judges, entrants, trolls, servers, and
      countless others who made the day work wonderfully. I asked to stay
      on as Mayor until this event happened, and I feel like I got to
      leave on a very up note.
      > And Kuji--Thanks for the divination. It was great fun to watch.
      > Some personal thanks for the last year and three months:
      > Guerric and Sarah, for being cooperative and supportive of yet
      another demand on my time.
      > Ian and Tedesco, for being not only my great communicators, but my
      sounding boards, and turning into great friends in the process.
      > My staff....rat releaser, rat catcher, alderman (alderwoman), and
      other advisors that helped make it a fun ride.
      > And the populace of Ayreton...for reminding me why I love to live
      and play here.
      > It's been a great time, and I have been honored to be the Mayor.
      I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, and if I have, I beg exhaustion!
      > Long live the new Mayor (four more years....)
      > Acelina
      > who now hopes others can see how well we really DO play
      > The fish are biting.
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