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Fwd: [Constellation Scribal Retreat] Hello everyone!

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      Subject: [Constellation Scribal Retreat] Hello everyone!

      Hello everyone! With only 7 weeks until the...
      Ian TheGreen 11:39pm Mar 3
      Hello everyone!

      With only 7 weeks until the event, almost everything is taken care of! The class list is practically full and many gracious peers have donated their time to do one one one tutoring with people.

      Please use word of mouth, tell people about the event and about this facebook event page.

      As of now one tutor has picked up a student for their time slot and I am pretty sure that there are many more people out there that would love to take advantage of this.

      If you can come down on Friday to play some, please do so. The Lilly Library on the IU campus has wonderful period manuscripts that you can HANDLE! Unfortunately they will only have one librarian on duty the day of the event so we can not do a tour there the day of the event. Dennis Hillers is planning something on Friday though I don't know how formal it is.

      Lunch is being planned by the ever wonderful Kara Alexander. We are trying to keep lunch costs down to $5 per plate and she has some thoughts on what could fit the bill. Last I heard it was soup or some other delicious thing. Soup while wonderful also scares us scribes as it is liquidy and much our stuff if made of fear of liquid. Perhaps she might wish to crowd source the thoughts? Would folks be wiling to pay more than $5 for lunch?

      BTW due to a weirdness of the event site (namely City of Bloomington Park rules,) we can't sell anything at the event but we can take donations. So at site there will be a donation can at troll and for lunch. Those who pre-reg will be guaranteed their lunch,everyone else will be gambling.

      So RSVP via e-mail to me or here on this page and you will be guaranteed your lunch up to the first 40 people.

      There is a Half-Price Bookstore OUTLET in Bloomington. Last I heard it is the ONLY Half Price OUTLET in the country. Rows upon rows of books for $3 or less, regular cheap books plus a huge bargain books area in the back.

      More on local attractions later.

      I look forward to seeing so many scribal people at the event. Expect hugs as I plan on giving many.

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