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Fwd: [CGC] Event information - Fighting in the Shade III - February 16th!

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  • Dougal MacAlister
    Greetings Unto the good gentles of Ayreton. I am forwarding this missive from our neighbors, of the mighty Kingdom of Northshield. Anyone interested in combat
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      Greetings Unto the good gentles of Ayreton.

      I am forwarding this missive from our neighbors, of the mighty Kingdom of Northshield.

      Anyone interested in combat archery, this may be just the local-ish event for you.

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      Begin forwarded message:
      The Barony of Jararvellir brings you...

      Fighting in the Shade III

      An event for combat archers and all other fighters too!

      Saturday February 16th, 2013

      UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
      1675 Linden Dr, Madison, WI 53706
      (see Important Site Information later in this announcement)

      No site fee! (Donations gladly accepted)
      Site Opens at 8:30 am, closes at 6:00 pm.

      Event web site found at http://www.jararvellir.org/intheshade.php

      This event is an excellent chance for fighters to learn how to work with combat archers, and pick up a Combat Archery authorization if you don't have one.  (Non-CA authorizations can also be done as well)
      Fighters seeking Combat Archery authorizations should contact the event steward (see contact information below) for more information.  

      Those interested in becoming combat archers are also encouraged to attend and learn more, see the drills and tactics we use, and watch CA in use during the afternoon melees.

      For those who are already combat archers, this is a great chance to get to learn new skills and tactics,
      as well as working with others - fighters and archers alike - including extensive melee practice!

      We start with Drills in the morning, with Melees to follow after lunch.  

      Drills will provide a chance for combat archers and other fighters to learn ways to work together to be more effective.
      We will work on communication and using common tactics that help both combat archers and other fighters.

      Planned melees include Open Field Battles, Bridge Battles and Capture the Flag.
      The goal will be for archers and other fighters to use what they learned in the morning to be more effective on the field of battle.
      We will run scenarios multiple times to allow different variations that try out different strategies, tactics, and tools.

      Event Schedule
      8:30 Site Opens 
      9:00 - 10:00 Inspections and Authorizations 
      10:00 - 11:30 Drills
      11:30 - 1:00 Break for Lunch
      1:00 - 5:00 Melees
      6:00 Site Closes 

      For more information, updates, and contact information,
      see the event website at http://www.jararvellir.org/intheshade.php

      Important Site Notes:

      *The site is an animal use facility.
      *No food or drink allowed inside the building.
      *All attendees will need to sign a UW-Madison waiver.
      *The UW strongly encourages children under 5 not use the facility.
      *Animals are generally not allowed; service dogs will need to get special clearance from the UW.

      Additional Notes:
      *** General ***
      If you are seeking a Combat Archery authorization this year, you should contact the Event Steward ahead of the event to let us know you will be coming.
      Also, Combat Archery marshals are strongly encouraged to contact the Event Steward ahead of the event (so we know you're coming), and to bring whatever safety googles they may have.
      Marshals who wish to help with inspections should contact the Marshal in Charge when they arrive on site.

      *** Inspections ***
      Inspections will be held from 9-11:30. We strongly encourage all fighters to get their inspections done before the lunch break starts at 11:30.

      *** Authorizations   ***
      All authorizations (except for Combat Archery) will be held from 10-11:30.
      Combat Archery authorizations will have two parts - an initial question and answer session, and a separate authorization melee. The Q&A for CA autos will be done at the end of the morning (before 11:30 am), and the authorization melees will lead off the afternoon (after 1 pm).
      Please note: If you want to get a Combat Archery authorization, we strongly recommend that you have used the equipment (bow and arrows) you want to use for the auto before the day of the event. Even experienced archers and fighters can get tripped up if they have not used that specific equipment before.

      *** Drills  ***
      In the morning, we will be working on drills to help combat archers and other fighters to work together. Learning how to work with each other is one of the most powerful ways to take advantage of combat archery.
      Drills are intended to help teach and reinforce key concepts such as communication between archers and non-archers, use of position and movement, and working together to eliminate the enemy.
      Drills will include both combat archers and other fighters, and are designed to provide both learning and fun for ALL participants. We need non-archers to take part in drills as well, so we encourage folks to come for the drill sessions in the morning.

      Questions, thoughts, or need more info?
      Contact the Event Steward, THL Jack Flanders (mka David Hall) at jbf@... or at 608-658-5802.

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