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Laurel Prize Tourney and Craftsperson's Faire at Twelfth Night!

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  • Jen Small
    Friends and fellow citizens of Ayreton, I m delighted to publish the final list of challenges and prizes being offered at Twelfth Night on Saturday.  It s not
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2013
      Friends and fellow citizens of Ayreton, I'm delighted to publish the final list of challenges and prizes being offered at Twelfth Night on Saturday.  It's not too late to bring a finished piece, a work in progress, or a demo to show off!  Pre-register by sending me an email, or just show up day-of.  And performers, remember there will be a special performance time at 2:30 for your entries.  Looking forward to a wonderful display of arts and sciences work!

      Final list of challenges for the Craftspersons' Faire!

      Event Challenges:
      - Populace bean count
      - Best German entry

      From the Event Steward:
      - Best represntation of the Hohenstaufen arms in any medium
      - Times are tough: Best project from repurposed materials

      Laurel Challenges:
      - Mistress Gianetta: Most awesome German garb from any time period

      - Mistress Gianetta: Best performance piece

      - Master Robyyan: A prize for the thing that, if it were dropped into its correct time and place in history, would attract the least notice because it just fits in.

      - Dame Jocelyn: Best scroll blank inspired by a 12th or 13th century German Manuscript. Only documentation needed: the manuscript name, place or region, date or time period, and modern book or website where original found.

      - Master Johann: I will have a special prize for that entry which reflects the most knowledge of animal husbandry! A bonus to any particular German Heritage breeds of livestock!

      - Master Johannes: I want to hear a ten-minute lecture on some topic taught at the University of Naples or another real medieval university (like a summary of Thomas Aquinas' "Being and Essence" or something medical from Salerno) and I'll set aside some time to hear them, and I'll give the best lecturer an "academic" hood I've made myself.

      - Mistress Ellen of the Scholars: Prize for Best Scribal Entry, chosen at my personal whim. Any time period or style is eligible, no documentation necessary.

      - Mistress Sarafina: Best late-period (15th to 16th century) garb

      We're looking forward to seeing all the wonderful entries!
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