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RE: [Ayreton] questions about the SCA in your area

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  • Baker, Cindy
    Greetings, Melanie and all. I ve just returned to the office after the holiday break. Glad to see you ve gotten some info about the Chicago area, Melanie. I
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      Greetings, Melanie and all.

      I’ve just returned to the office after the holiday break. Glad to see you’ve gotten some info about the Chicago area, Melanie. I don’t think I can add much to Keiley’s summary, except to say that I do hope you consider the Chicago area for your move. We’d all be happy to welcome you!

      Cindy (Ellen of the Scholars)



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      Subject: Re: [Ayreton] questions about the SCA in your area


      Hello Melanie,
        I am from a local area just north of Glenview and am very familiar with the area (my mom grew up in Glenview and uncle owns the house that their family grew up in).  The Chicago area is the Barony of Ayreton area and north of that is the Shire of Ravenslake.  Both areas play well together, have local events often, and you should have numbers of people who would be very welcoming.
        In Glenview we have archery practice when the weather is nice.  We even have several very talented archers that not only make their own arrows but have even learned to make their own long bows.  So there is much archery for whatever you wish to learn or participate in.
        Feasts, we have some VERY TALENTED cooks in our areas that make the best feasts.  If it is helping in the kitchen, serving, or just eating and being social they are a great time. 
        Gambling/Gaming is something that is done here.  We actually have an event in the spring that is all about gambling.  Period games, a pawn shop if you need to get more coin or see somethin that catches your eye that you would like to bid on at the end of the evening, betting on fencers, it is a marvelous event.  Stone Dog Inn.
        There are other events that other groups have are amazing as well.  Not terribly far that you would be able to day trip to if you wish.
        Bristol is our local ren faire that is just over the Wisconsin border about 45 minutes to an hour from Glenview.  It is a great time and I believe tickets for the season are currently on sale for $10.  Some of our local scadians actually can be found working there in the summer. 
        I am not too familiar with the local larping group so for that I will give you my friend Jorie's name.  She does have contact with some of the local groups and she is in the next town over from Glenview.

        Hope this information has helped you.  If you need more information please do not hesitate to ask.

      Happy Holidays

      On Dec 25, 2012 10:18 PM, "Melanie Kazmercyk" <mkazmercyk@...> wrote:


      Good day!


      I'm a 24 year old female larper from CT and considering moving to illinois. The SCA and similar groups is a big part of my life and must be an active group where I live. I currently am a part of 'Realms', a group with 100+ members, involved regularly in fighting, feasts, dances, etc throughout New England. I attend SCA events when I can but they aren't very common in my area. 


      I was wondering if you could tell me what the SCA / larping / ren faire community is like in the Chicago area (I will probably be in Glenview, I'm not not which sub group covers this) , or can direct me to someone who can. I'm mostly involved in the social events, enjoy dancing, archery, feasts, gambling, equestrian. I need to make a job decision soon, if your holiday allows it please respond when you can it'll greatly help me! Much thanks and a happy holidays,





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