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    ... From: Kathleen Evans Dyer To: MIDLANDS-MIDREALM Sent: Mon, Oct 22, 2012 4:04 pm
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      Subject: [MIDLANDS-MIDREALM] Their Royal Highnesses are searching for a...

      Their Royal Highnesses are searching for a...
      Kathleen Evans Dyer 4:04pm Oct 22
      Their Royal Highnesses are searching for a Coronation site.

      It is preferred the site be within four hours drive of Kalamazoo, Michigan as Their Highnesses and Their Majesties all live in Michigan.
      I am encouraging groups within a 255 mile radius of Kalamazoo to determine if they can present a bid. Those include:

      Athelington (Canton of Illiton)
      Ayreton (any of the 5 Cantons)
      Baile na Scolairi
      Carraig Ban (and Elv Av Tiden)
      Wurm Wald

      Of course, the hosting group can ask for assistance from another chapter to take on some tasks. That would potentially put a group out of the radius in a position tobe a part of event staff as well.

      The date for Coronation is reserved for May 4th, 2013. We need to get this settled in the next month (or two at the latest) so we can be
      sure to get the Pale ad in on time. Here's the things you should think about in your bid: http://www.midrealm.org/seneschallorum/HostCrown.pdf

      And, please remember, as this is a Kingdom event, a portion of any profit is required to be turned over to the Kingdom. Excerpt from MK Law:

      X-700 All groups hosting a Middle Kingdom level event, as defined in Article X-800 are required to split the profits from the event with the Middle Kingdom. These Moneys are to go to the General Fund.

      X-800 A Middle Kingdom level event is defined to be a Crown Tournament, Coronation, Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition, Kingdom Twelfth Night, Rose Tournament, Tournament of Chivalry (1 per reign), Pennsic War, Border Raids, or any other event so proclaimed in the Pale by the Crown.

      Will you need extra insurance for your site? Here are the insurance certificate procedures: http://www.midrealm.org/seneschallorum/InsuranceOrderingInstructions20110915.pdf

      Please let me know soonest if your group is going to put together a bid. And, please let me know if you need any further information from me to assist you in making the bid.
      In Service,
      Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
      Midlands Seneschal

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