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Award Recomendations

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  • Verena Entenwirt
    I wanted to remind everyone that on Their Majesties current event schedule, they have 2 events listed on their progress coming up for the Midlands
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2012
      I wanted to remind everyone that on Their Majesties current event
      schedule, they have 2 events listed on their progress coming up for
      the Midlands (specifically the Northern IL area). Their majesties will
      be in Vanished Woods for RUM on Nov. 3rd, and KWAR on Nov 10th.

      As award recommendations must be in 28 days prior to the event, the
      last day to recommend someone for an award at RUM will be tomorrow.
      The final day to recommend someone for an award for the KWAR/ KWCS
      will be next Saturday the 13th.

      ANYONE can recommend ANYONE for an award.

      Awards of the Middle Kingdom can be found here:
      http://www.midrealm.org/heraldry/awards.php (there is also a class on
      the Midrealm awards at RUSH)
      The Middle Kingdom Order of Precedence can be found here:
      The Online award recommendation form can be found here:

      For those who have never recommended anyone for an award: ( I am going
      to use myself as an example)
      1. Its easy & anyone can do it, so breathe :-)
      2. Go to the Middle Kingdom Order of Precedence to see what the awards
      the person has
      *Sometime searching is "interesting", if I try to put in Verena, it
      says I don't exist but if I put in verena* it pulls me up....just
      follow the directions.
      * Here is what the OP says about myself-
      3. Now go to the Awards of the Middle Kingdom, to see what award you
      want to recommend them for.
      *After reading through the awards, we are recommending me for the
      Order of the Gaping Wound (yes, I know it's closed and I am not a
      4. Then go to the Online award recommendation form ( create an account
      if you don't have one), after signing in hit new award.
      5. Enter all the information on the form-
      *Make sure to fill out as much information in the reason box as
      possible. Include dates, examples, links to photos, ext. Be as
      detailed as possible, also check your spelling and grammar as Their
      Majesties and Their scribes might use some of your wording for the
      reason they are giving the award.
      6. Don't forget to save the recommendations.

      A few additional notes
      * Don't tell the person that you put them in for the award
      * Don't tell the person that they are getting the award at the event,
      even if you recommend someone for an award does not mean they are
      going to get it, all awards are at the digression of Their Majesties
      * Do look for the people behind the scenes who don't always get the
      recognition they deserve
      * Don't just recommend friends or people from your own group
      * Don't automatically assume someone already has the award, always
      check the Order of Precedence (OP)
      * Do recommend people, don't think someone else is going to do it.

      Also, if you need to recommend someone from outside of our area, here
      is Their Majesties Progress schedule to date.

      October 6 - Red Dragon- OH
      October 13 - Rendezvous at the Bridge- IN
      October 20 - Crown Tournament- MI
      November 3 - R.U.M. -IL
      November 10 - Known World Academy of Rapier- IL
      November 17 - St. Nicholas Toys for Tots Tourney-IN
      December 8 - Boar's Head (Northshield)- Northshield
      December 15 - Christmas Tourney- KY
      January 5 - 12th Night (Roaring Wastes)- MI
      January 12 - Regular Event in the Cleftlands-OH

      If anyone has any questions on how to recommend someone or need any
      help, don't hesitate to contact me.
      Baroness Verena Entenwirth
      Seneschal, Barony of Ayreton
      Dean of the College of History and SCA Administration, RUM
      Deputy Chatelaine of Special Projects; Gold Key

      Give me your unclothed, your unfed, your sober masses
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