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Re: [Ayreton] Free Camp Bed

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  • Hróki Hróðmundarson
    pictures..I might be interested
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 25, 2012
      pictures..I might be interested

      On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 2:55 PM, Verena Entenwirt <verena@...> wrote:

      This past pennsic I upgraded my camp bed to a duck-a-licious one made
      by the incredibly talented Sven and Maive. I have been using my old
      camp bed as my real bed. However I got my new to me bed and matress
      all set up in my room, and no longer need the old camp bed. Before I
      posted it on freecycle I wanted to see if anyone in the Barony was

      It is a queen size commercial slat bed with the wooden outerframe held
      together with hinges. I have all the hardware, hinges, ext. The only
      thing is that after using it for my real bad for the past 6 months,
      the slats finally died, so you will in fact need to make your own
      slats ( mine were just fencing planks held together by you webbing)

      You would need to be able to pick up from Rogers Park. Please let me
      know if your interested. I would much rather have it go to a good
      home, then to get tossed.

      Baroness Verena Entenwirth
      Seneschal, Barony of Ayreton
      Dean of the College of History and SCA Administration, RUM
      Deputy Chatelaine of Special Projects; Gold Key

      Give me your unclothed, your unfed, your sober masses

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