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Midrealm @ Gulf Wars rapier review from the Commander

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  • Jenna Klauss
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2007
      It is true. Midrealm did great. According to His Majesty Martin of
      Trimaris, it is the first time Trimaris and her allies swept the
      warpoints at Gulf Wars.

      We were told to cede our flag in the ravine, yet we held it against
      much force anyway. As much as they tried to push, they could not push
      through Midrealm. They occasionally came to our flank between us and
      Atlantia, and were pushed away as well in short time. We worked very
      well with Trimaris, and her allies Northshield and Atlantia, and I
      couldn't have been happier at the teamwork that went into the battle.
      And I save the best for last - Our mighty dragon King, Bardolph,
      fought at our side in the ravine!

      On the rapier champions tournament, our Kingdom rapier Champion Anton
      du Marais fought with honor and grace, and was a delight to watch.
      While he may not have won the day, he at least did us proud.

      On the field we were only a small 'Army' of fourteen. Yet, our
      fourteen fought boldly, and well. I would tell the tale in person of
      how much it made me squeel with glee (literally - I was bouncing and
      giggling), to not spoil it by the internet. So I will only say this:
      many thanks to my XO Anton du Marais, and my line commander Warder
      Craidd. And a hoobah to the four that lived to the end anyway after
      they lined up half their army against our fourteen!

      I am very proud of our Midrealmers, and my only regret is that I
      could not show them what a larger group of us can accomplish. It is
      my hopes that some of you will consider Gulf Wars next year.


      ~ Warder Brighid MacCumhal
      Midrealm Rapier Commander for Gulf Wars

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