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Thank you's from Foxhunt

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  • Jeffnaggie
    Hey Ayreton and Midlands, You of the rocking and awesome barony..... Thank you for supporting Foxhunt VIII. There are quite a few people who went above and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2012
      Hey Ayreton and Midlands,

      You of the rocking and awesome barony.....

      Thank you for supporting Foxhunt VIII.  There are quite a few people who went above and beyond to help out just cause it needed to be done, so we'd like to make sure that we said thanks!  So Foxvale would like to say to....

      Lady Susanna the Short - Thank you so much for stepping in as marshal so Gareth could fix an Autocrat Boo Boo.

      His Lordship Justice McArtain - Thank you for being our rapier marshal.  Truly hope you enjoyed yourself.

      Sir Fern and Master Robbyan and Lord Mark (?), His Lordship Lukas  - Thank you for moving tables, and benches and trestles, and supports.  Multiple times.  Often in the same direction from whence they came.  Anyone else whose name I missed that moved tables, please know you have my heartfelt appreciation.
      Kathryn of Illiton (Who shall now and evermore be known as Katy of Foxvale) her mom Takaia and her sister (Tia???) and her grandmom....yet AGAIN for the upteenth zillionth time worked in the kitchen all day and then cleaned the kitchen they cooked in.
      Baroness Verena - Your classes ROCKED  (wish I could have stayed longer....ever thought about a private student?)   And your mead was the coolest thing ever.  Thank you for putting the Mead in Mead Hall.
      And speaking of classes.....Dame Nicholaa, Lady Vittoria Governante:  Thank you for sharing your skills and talents and knowledge so others can increase their own skills, talents and  knowlege within our Society.
      And speaking of TALENT....Silken Petals...  Not only do your classes share your talents and skills of the scribal arts but they also help to grace the beauty of the Middle Kingdom and go so far to show others how appreciated they are as volunteers.  Helping teach others to do this is the ultimate in Grace.  To Her Ladyship Akiko Catherine O'Brien, Lady Ambr Stormwatch and Lady Elianora Saunfayle...Thank you!
      Lord Aengus O'Nolan - Thank you for Ruby Patrol, for carrying boxes and crates and for helping with lunch...and the smiles.  Thank you for the smiles.
      Mistress Sarafina - for doing dishes.  Nuff said.  Thank you.  Master Ettienne for hanging with the Burrito so Sarafina could do dishes.  :-)
      Dame Ellen of the Scholars and Lord Ottokar - Who brought WARMTH and LIGHT to what was a chilly start to the day.  Those you helped warm, I am sure were most appreciative.
      Lady Birgitta Heringadottir - our organized and Awesome Merchant Liason.  Thank you.  Again.  Same time next year?
      Merchants - Who brought atmosphere and skills to share along with their wares,  Thank you. Baron Faustino and Baroness Katheryn, Celtic Sun with Mistress Maggie, Her Ladyship Marie la Fauconniere,   and company, Ellen of the Scholars and Friends, Viking Archery Supply, Otter Necessities and the Voluptuous Viking.
      Baron Henry and Baroness Nadezda - thank you so much for indulging our Norse whims.
      And mostly and most heartfelt...everyone who came to be part of the day.  Thank you for spending time with us, for fighting, for arching, (yes, it's now a verb) for taking classes and hanging out, thank you for doing all of the things you did to make the day run more smoothly that I can't remember or didn't see. 
      We are Ayreton!  We are the Midands!  We are the Middle Kingdom!  Celebrate being you, because you all rock!
      Again I ask....if in my over-exuberance I missed someone, please celebrate them publicly on this list.
      See you next year!


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