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Re: [Ayreton] Foxhunt Class Schedule

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  • Jeffnaggie
    Just an FYI - The Vikings as Explorers class has been moved to the 3 to 4 time slot. Thank you, Hillary ... From: Sandra Tooley To:
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      Just an FYI - The Vikings as Explorers class has been moved to the 3 to 4 time slot.
      Thank you,
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      Hello all going to Foxhunt, Down the Gren!
      Following is a list of classes and pretty finalized schedule for Foxhunt VIII for Saturday, September 22.  More detailed information about the class descriptions can be found on the website: http://www.foxvale.org/foxhunt within a few days.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at sandraktooley@....
      Alexandra of Foxvale
      Beginning Viking Seam Treatments
      Verena Entenwirth
      10 - 11 pm in the pavilion
      Requests a donation for supplies: $7.50 for the linen Norse hood or arming cap, $20 for a the wool viking hood and please pre-arrange if you would like a wool viking hood with the instructor at verena@...
      Introduction to Beading - It's simple and fun!!
      Francesca del Mar
      11 - 12 in the pavilion
      No children under 10 without an adult please
      The Care and Feeding of the Volunteer
      Hillary of Langeforde
      11 - 12 in the pavilion
      Beginning Naalbinding
      Verena Entenwirth
      1 - 2 pm in the pavilion
      Requests $5 donation for supplies
      Cooking with Fire
      Kara Atladottir
      2 - 3 pm at the cooking fires
      Beginning Inkle Loom Weaving
      Vittoria Governante
      1 - 3 pm in the pavilion
      please bring an inkle loom (there will be 1 - 2 loaners) and yarn to play with
      Chemise Workshop
      Nicholaa Halden
      1 - 4 in the pavilion
      Maxiumum of 10 (please pre-reg to Alexandra of Foxvale at sandraktooley@...)
      You will need 4 to 5 yards of light weight fabric preferably cotton or linen and a couple yards of 1/4" ribbon or thin cord for a draw string. There will be several kits available from the instructor for purchase for $5.  contact the teacher at nhalden@... for information about class materials. Please bring a sewing machine if applicable. 
      The Vikings as Explorers
      Hillary of Langeforde
      2 - 3 pm in the pavilion

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