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Round II - Midlands Largesse Project

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  • Mary Buchanan
    If you missed it the first time, now s your chance to jump in!! (Please excuse any cross-posted duplication of information) (Please do not use Reply  for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2012
      If you missed it the first time, now's your chance to jump in!!
      (Please excuse any cross-posted duplication of information)
      (Please do not use "Reply" for this message)
      -  -  -  Announcing  -  -  -
      The Midlands Largesse Project - Round II
      We had so much fun with this that we've decided to do it again!  For those who are interested, we will be doing another Midlands Largesse starting September 15 ending January 31.  The gift exchange will be at Festival of Maidens in Wurmwald, January 19, 2013.  (If you are unable to attend Maidens on January 19, gifts may be mailed, or delivered by January 31st.)

      I've volunteered to organize this round to give Dame Catriona a break, so if you'd like to play, please send me your information by September 8. You'll get your match by September 15. Remember to send the following information:

      Name (SCA and modern):
      Persona time and place:
      Device description (if you have one and would like something with it on it):
      Preferences for colors, food limitations, allergies, anything else you'd like your match to know about you:
      Two or Three SCA folk who could be secretly hit up for information about you:
      All gifts must be RECEIVED by January 31, so please plan accordingly. I'm really looking forward to another great exchange!

      Yours in Eternal Service to Kingdom and Crown,
      Lady Roana Aldinoch
      P.S.:  There is a Facebook page for questions and discussions at MIDLANDS-LARGESSE.  Rules from Round I:
      This is an A&S based "secret-gift" exchange for the Midlands Region.  Participants will be assigned a recipient. You will also receive information on the recipient at that time. You do not know who got *your* name until you get your gift!
      The object of the game is to create, for less than $25, a product that can be used by the recipient in the SCA. Items will be due by (a specified date). Anyone in the Midlands, or who considers themselves a Midlander, is invited to play.  (We are limiting it to 50 participants for Round II.)
      Yours in Service,
      Mistress Mary Buchanan
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