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Re: [Ayreton] Final week before the event

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  • Tedesco da Venezia
    As Anton said, Friday set up starts at 6pm, and I will probably be there at least until 9. If anyone has list poles, perhaps you can bring them, or send them
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 22, 2007
      As Anton said, Friday set up starts at 6pm, and I will probably be there at least until 9.  If anyone has list poles, perhaps you can bring them, or send them along with someone else--although for the most part we'll be using the badminton and theater poles from the school, so I'm not sure how many poles we're gonna need....  I do need more ROPES though!   If you have poles and ropes, yes, you can bring them saturday morning instead, and we'll set up as many lists as possible tomorrow evening.

      Other than that, we'll mostly be shoving tables everywhere and puting up signs. 


      On 3/22/07, Dayle Harding <acelinaofderelei@...> wrote:
      So, if I get the list poles from VW, do you need them there Friday night?  Or can I bring them by 9 on Sat?

      I have to do stuff to go out of town to do the last of the stuff for my grandmothers estate on Sunday, so I need to do things like laundry and packing, etc.  So I was hoping to not have to go to site Friday night.


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      6:00 ish on Friday night is when a bunch of us are planning on showing up.  Going to set up the list fields/tables and some other stuff.  Come on over, the more the merrier!
      See you tomorrow night,

      Anton du Marais 

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      Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 18:09:57 -0500
      Subject: Re: [Ayreton] Final week before the event

      I heard there might be set up on Friday. If so, what needs to be done and
      when should I arrive?


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      >9am would probably be good. Apparently Fiona can't make it and she was
      >going to wrangle the servers. May need to do something about that.
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      >From: jeffnaggie@aol. com
      >What time do you want us there? Bright and shiny early?
      >Ags (and Jeff by association)
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      >For all branches, please bring whatever serving gear you have that we may
      >use for the feast. I would really appreciate it. Also, if you have
      >tablecloths that we can use, that would be keen.
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      >From: "Tedesco da Venezia" <tedesco@ayreton. org>
      >Our head server cannot make the event this weekend. If anyone would like
      >to step up and take over this position, please let me know.
      >We also need a few more volunteers for the following positions:
      >- Troll Table - contact Phebe Bonadeci (PJ Reaney) < reaneypj@yahoo. com>
      >- Servers - contact me, Tedesco da Venezia <tedesco@ayreton. org >
      >I'm sure I have enough people who are going to be around for the following
      >two, but I'd just like to make sure I have names of people who are
      >definitely available for these:
      >- Grunts (people who are available for anything that comes up)
      >- Clean up crew
      >The more people who volunteer for these positions, the less work each of us
      >w ill actually have to do... so, sign up your friends! :)
      >Anyone who has yet to get me a schedule or write-up for the
      >program/pamphlet, please get it to me ASAP.
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