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Re: [Ayreton] Moving, everything must go -- pottery & soap

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  • D'vorah bint Da'ud
    *facesmack* And I also have some soap that I ve made. It s in various stages of curing -- anywhere from usable by next week to usable by mid-October. This
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 19, 2012
      *facesmack* And I also have some soap that I've made. It's in various stages of curing -- anywhere from "usable by next week" to "usable by mid-October." This I'll sell by the gram or kilo; anything I can't sell will just get schlepped off to Caid.

      Some of it is olive oil only; some is soybean oil only; some is soy, castor, and coconut; some is soy and coconut. None has been scented or colored with any additional material, so it's all very natural, and all of it is gentle enough to use on your face or your baby's backside.

      Olive: $12/kilo
      Soybean: $8/kilo
      Soybean/castor/coconut: $10/kilo
      Soybean/coconut: $8/kilo

      A kilo is *roughly* 8-9 bars of soap (normal, mass-produced bars of soap). I don't cut mine perfectly, so the sizes will vary, which is why I'd charge by weight instead of by bar. However, 10 bars of Ivory soap (40 ounces) cost roughly $10, while a 3-bar pack of Kirk's Original Castile Soap (12 ounces) costs about $7.20, so ten bars (36 ounces) would cost about $22. Which means my most expensive bars, at roughly 8-10 per kilo, are a bit more than half the cost of Kirk's.

      And ALL the oils I used were available in period. The type of lye I use was not, but (1) potassium-based lye makes a sickly, ugly brown colored bar of soap, (2) is very unreliable in terms of strength, so it could potentially be safe, and (3) it would have made an extremely soft, squishy, snot-like bar of soap -- unless one added salt to turn it from glop to bars, which people did do, so my soap CAN pass for period in appearance.

      Again, this is not my BUSINESS, and I'm not demanding that anyone buy my soaps. If you did, it would just be one less thing that Akim and I have to pack, and it would recoup the cost of having made the soap and acquired two molds for making the soap. I hope it's not out of line to have posted this here. If it is, please ignore this.
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