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Arts Martial Schedule for the Ayreton Event - March 24, 2007

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    Archery Schedule:Weather permitting. Youth Adult - 9:30am Inspections, Practice, and Authorizations - 10:00am Practice Tic-Tac-Toe - 10:30am Balloon
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      Archery Schedule:

      Weather permitting.
      - 9:30amInspections, Practice, and Authorizations
      - 10:00amPracticeTic-Tac-Toe
      - 10:30amBalloon ShootPractice
      - 11:00amPracticeWand Shoot
      - 11:30amWand ShootPractice
      - 12:00pmPracticeFuzzy Animals
      - 12:30pmFuzzy AnimalsPractice
      - 1:00pmJunior Royal RoundsRoyal Rounds
      - 1:30pmJunior Royal RoundsRoyal Rounds
      - 2:00pmPracticeSave Your String
      - 2:30pmSave Your String (Teams youth & adult)
      - 3:00pmPracticeThe Monsters and the Samaurai
      - 3:30pmMoney ShootPractice
      - 4:00pmRange Closed


      Rapier Fencing Schedule:

      - 9:00amInspections and Authorizations begin immediately.
      - 10:00amKingdom War/Melee Practice (Melee Field)
      - 12:00pmBreak for lunch
      - 12:30pmGuild of St. Jude Demo (Lists)
      - 1:00pmAyreton Champion Tournament (Lists)
      - 3:30pmNovice Double Elimination Tournament (Lists)
      - 3:30pmKingdom Champions Team Try-Outs and Practice (Lists)
      - 5:30pmAwards Ceremony Towne Hall Meeting
      - 6:30pmFeast Service Begins

      • Kingdom War/Melee Practice at 10:00am on the Melee field, run by Warder Christian Fournier.  Authorizations and pickups may continue while the melees take place.
      • The Guild of St. Jude is giving a Cut-and-Thrust demonstration at 12:30pm.  Practice and instruction will be available through-out the rest of the afternoon.
      • The Ayreton Champion Tournament starts at 1:00pm.  All attending rapier fighters are invited to attend, you do not have to be a member of the Ayreton area to participate or win.  Combatants will be divided into pools with the top 2 fencers from each pool advancing to a double elimination final.
      • Novice Double-Elimination Tournament at 1:00pm for all who have not won a tournament nor have received an award for rapier fencing.
      • Pennsic Champions Team Try-Outs at 1:00pm simultaneously during the Novice tourney.

      Armored Combat Schedule:

      - 9:00amInspections
      - 10:00amAuthorizations
      - 11:00amSingle Elimination Novice Tournament (Lists)
      - 12:00pmBreak for Lunch, Pick-ups and warm-ups
      - 12:30pmShogun Tournament (Melee Field)
      - 2:00pmBearpit Tournament (Lists)
      - 3:00pmUnbelt Champions vs. the world (Melee Field)
      - 5:30pmAwards Ceremony Towne Hall Meeting
      - 6:30pmFeast Service Begins

      • Combat archery, throwing weapons, and siege weapons can be used if combat is outside.  Melees will be outside if the weather is good and the ground is dry-- the school does not want us tearing up the field or tracking mud into the fieldhouse if the ground is soggy.

      For more information, including MIC information please visit the Ayreton Webstie:



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