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Fwd: [Mid-MOF] A Call to the Great and Generous Midrealm!

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      Subject: [Mid-MOF] A Call to the Great and Generous Midrealm!

      A call to all Dragon Citizens! At times in all our lives we all fall on struggles and find ourselves in need. As you may have heard recently a fellow dragon soldier was seriously injured and finds himself in an unenviable state of not having an income or insurance to help cover medical bills. A small contingent has come up with a way we can all come together and help. We would like to put together a Midrealm Cookbook in the honor of Tannas, with the intent of the proceeds to help with his expenses and recovery. What we are asking of you is to submit your favorite recipes, be they period, modern, bacon, best made over the campfire, bacon related, for large or small feasts, deserts, bacon infused, or even your favorite brew or mead! These recipes need to be original and we would like them to reflect the vast personalities of the Midrealm and her great populus (So feel free to send your “creative” recipes too).

      Please send submissions as an attachment to Lady Nerissa, nerissa.della.badessa@... and include your:
      Mundane Name
      SCA Name
      Contact information
      Local group name
      and the recipe itself.

      Please no copyrighted material. We need these submissions no later than 06/30/2012.
      Please direct any questions to Lady Nerissa nerissa.della.badessa@....
      Please forward this missive to any group or individual that may contribute in this endeavour.

      Thank you for your time and consideration,
      Adam MacAoidh, CBR
      Lt. General Rapier - Dragon Army
      "Finally I understand, the feelings of the few.
      Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend, we were all equal in the end"
      Floyd "Two Suns in the Sunset"

      Audi partem alteram.
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