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Re: Travelers' Tidings

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  • Lisa Hickman
    So very sorry to hear your adventure was cut short, but glad you re back safe and sound! DaMama Sent from my iPod
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 11, 2012
      So very sorry to hear your adventure was cut short, but glad you're back safe and sound!  DaMama

      Sent from my iPod

      On Jun 10, 2012, at 3:19 PM, Joseph Kaplan <oneindiesoul@...> wrote:


      As you may know, Xanti and I left the kingdom a few weeks ago to travel to the Golden Playnes to teach English.  We were sad to be leaving, but the opportunities that awaited us promised to be rich.

      When we reached the Far West, we were greeted with smiles and excitement.  Despite the heat and some hiccups during our travel, we were very excited to be there.  After a weekend to settle in to our apartment, we spent a couple of days at the office learning some new information.  Whether through malicious intent on the part of the director of the program or not, our position turned into a bait and switch.  We had been told that our expenses while teaching would be next to none (we would have to pay for our groceries and potable water).  While working on our contracts and trying to solve the problems (caused by the university) with our work visas, we were informed of a long list of expenses we would have.  The other American there who has been teaching in Thailand for about 15 years now, informed us that "there will definitely be more expenses that [we'd] have to take care of, but the university doesn't even know what they are yet."

      We did many calculations over the following days, with our monthly expenses from our student loans and needing to be able to afford a way to return home in a year, we could not afford all of these new expenses and had to return prematurely.

      Xanti and I have returned to the Midrealm and are currently looking for work.  We have a couple of leads that we are following up on in the Indy and Chicago areas, we should be hearing back from them soon.  We are currently staying in Muncie while we search, though until we have an actual income do not expect to see us at many events in the near future.

      In Service,
      Valeria Contadina di Bologna                                                         Xanti Basajaun Aznar
      Protege to Baron Master Warder Torquil MacGillavrey        and        Cadet to Warder Kai Tseng    
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