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Fwd: Border Skirmish Auction!

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  • MacGregorsCairn@aol.com
    Hey Everybuddy! Have you heard about this little event called Border Skirmish that s happening next weekend?  We re REALLY hoping you ve put it on your
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2012
      Hey Everybuddy!

      Have you heard about this little event called Border Skirmish that's happening next weekend?  We're REALLY hoping you've put it on your schedule!

      Yea, so.... there's going to be a silent AND live auction to raise funds for the Royal Travel Funds  .... in order to assist our incredibly AWESOME Monarchs of Northshield and the Midrealm in Their travels to YOUR events, we need lots of things to auction off so you can then come and bid on - and perhaps win - these awesome goodies that generous citizens are donating.  Bigger ticket items will be up for bid at the Live Auction scheduled for 6pm ... We're hoping to have a lot of you donate items so these auctions are a RAGING SUCCESS!!!!   If bids from the silent auction get up to $35 (I think that's the figure), they will be pulled from the silent auction and auctioned off in the Live Auction (with Baroness Kateryn of the Amber Mist as the Auctioneer!).  

      PLEASE DONATE!!!  Please contact Lady Nikea at charvonne.kemp@... with what you will be donating.  

      So that we can gift the proceeds from the auction to Their Majesties (exchequer) on Saturday night, we will not be able to accept checks from any winners - HOWEVER, there will be a way to process a credit card if you would like to pay for your purchases that way - however (and I'm not positive about this) there may be a surcharge to use that new fangled contraption - just a heads up.  :)

      Here are some of the things that will be up for auction... BUT WE NEED MORE!!!!

      * 3D castle puzzles with a castle book and another puzzle for a children's block bid
      * A ceramic wall hanging of a guy with a helm on.
      * 3 cruets
      * a tall wine holder full of knitting needles
      * a set of silver plated (slightly rusted) cup holders
      * a newbie outfit and another one that I can't describe at present but is beaded and cool. I think hip scarf with a matching vest is what it may be. 
      * cuffs done with black-work
      * necklace and matching bracelet made with swarovski crystal beads (with sterling silver spacers and clasps)
      * two antique thread spools. 
      * 2 needlepoint books to go with the knitting needles
      * A dressmaker sewing machine kit( small sewing machine with thread and needles) for the little girl beginner sewer or a handy travel kit for small fixes
      Hand-hemmed veil: winner’s choice of silk or linen, any shape/size up to two yards of fabric
      * Custom hand lotion: a session to create a custom batch of all-natural, hypo-allergenic hand lotion from a Period recipe. Good for up to 4 people, date/location to be worked out with the winner
      * 2 steaks / 2 potatoes / 2 ears of corn - dinner for cooking on the grill.


      My Lady Caera and I are offering up a feast to be served at Warriors and
      Warlords in the silent/live (at the organizer's discretion) auction at
      Border Skirmish this year.

      The feast is for 8 people, and meant to be tailored to the tastes and
      preferences of the winning bidder(s).  It is my intent to use funds equal
      to the winning bid for the purpose of purchasing supplies for the feast, so
      the higher the bid, the more extravagant the feast will be.  We are aiming
      at a minimum of 4 courses.

      You know you like to eat!  You know you would rather someone else do the
      cooking!  You like yummy food!  Gather your friends!  Pool your resources!
      Bid early!  Bid often!  Bid higher!  :)

      Your humble servant (and culinarian),

      Abraam Samuel ben Jucef


      Thank you all for your attention, donations, and generosity to this most important cause!!!!!

      Looking forward to seeing many of you at Border Skirmish next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHOOOOOOOOOOT!

      the Astrid

      Viscountess Astrid, OP
      Draco Incarnate
      Kingdom Clerk of Precedence (CoP)
      Matriarch of House Gray Fox
      Shy, Quiet, Demure Flower of Northshield @->--- 
      Draco dormiens nunquam a eget, quodsi feceris, res gesta tua sit ultima
      {Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon, but if you do this, let yours be the last thing was done;}
      Never look down on anybody, unless you're helping them up.  
      "Be kinder than necessary, For everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle"

      A Knight is sworn to Valour
      His Heart knows only Virtue
      His Blade defends the Helpless
      His Might upholds the Weak
      His Word speaks only Truth
      His Wroth undoes the Wicked

      "The only thing a lady is required to carry is herself with grace and dignity."  Baron Ericus
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