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Mistress Mysie's Warlord Prize Tournament at Border Skirmish...

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Greetings All! As we approach Border Skirmish at Walworth County Fairgrounds on June 8 - 0th, a question was raised about the number of folks who will be
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2012

      Greetings All!
      As we approach Border Skirmish at Walworth County Fairgrounds on June 8 -
      10th, a question was raised about the number of folks who will be fighting
      in the Warlord Prize tournament....
      So... I put this question out to all y'all!  Please contact me if you will
      be (or thinking about) fighting in the tournament which will start noonish
      (after Court, which follows the BreakFeast at 9am)
      Looking forward to seeing MANY MANY people at Border Skirmish!!!!  YAY!
      Description of the Tourney:
      Mistress Mysie'sTreasure Tourney - A Warlord Tourney at Border Skirmish 2012
      I love Warlord Tourneys, I love watching presentations of largess, and I
      love to hear tales of folk who have been inspirations, so I decided to
      combine all these things into a single grand event.
      In a Warlord Tourney, no one has to stop fighting. The first round begins
      with one-on-one fights. In the second round, the losers of round 1 pair up
      with the one who defeated them, with the original winner being the captain
      of the team. Round 2 is two-on-two, Round 3 is four-on-four, and so on
      until the last round is a melee with the two undefeated captains facing off
      against one another with all the others in their side of the tree fighting
      along-side them.
      All armored combatants are welcome to participate in the Treasure Tourney,
      but all must bring something to put in the treasure chest. I will "seed"
      the treasure with the chest itself (a six-board bench chest with iron
      fittings) and several items for the winning general to keep and/or present
      (a woven-wire necklace, a rope of pearls, a wax table dyptichwith stylus, a
      length of fine silk suitable for turning into a painted pennan, a woven
      belt, a set of cast pewter buttons with a compasrose design, a pottery
      goblet, and an illuminated pannelshowing the tourney with the appropriate
      heraldry to be entered on the day). At the end of the tourney, all the
      members of the winning side choose 2 treasures in order decided by the
      winning general. Each person gets one treasure to keep and one to present
      to any gentle on site whom they choose to honor.
      I'd love it if the presentations were accompanied by tales of why the
      presentation is being made, too, whether that person is a consort of the
      fighter, someone they saw perform feats of chivalry on the field, someone
      who performed noble deeds in a non-martial way, or a bright-eyed newcomer
      at their first event. The woven-wire necklace, the illumination, and the
      chest are for the winning general, but the other items are for them to
      present in like manner.
      Hopefully, if all goes well, next year we can repeat this tournament on the
      rapier field and then alternate thereafter.
      Mistress Mysie
      Viscountess Astrid, OP
      Draco Incarnate
      Kingdom Clerk of Precedence (CoP)
      Matriarch of House Gray Fox
      Shy, Quiet, Demure Flower of Northshield @->---
      Draco dormiens nunquam a eget, quodsi feceris, res gesta tua sit ultima
      {Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon, but if you do this, let yours be the
      last thing
      was done;}
      Never look down on anybody, unless you're helping them up.
      "Be kinder than necessary, For everyone you meet is fighting some kind of
      A Knight is sworn to Valour
      His Heart knows only Virtue
      His Blade defends the Helpless
      His Might upholds the Weak
      His Word speaks only Truth
      His Wroth undoes the Wicked
      "The only thing a lady is required to carry is herself with grace and
      dignity."  Baron Ericus
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