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Fwd: [Mid] UPDATED - Spring 2012 Crown Combatant List - UPDATED

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      Subject: [Mid] UPDATED - Spring 2012 Crown Combatant List - UPDATED

      Posting on behalf of our Kingdom Seneschal, Master Midair MacCormaic, with an UPDATED list of Crown Tournament Combatants, as follows:

      Good Gentles of the Great Middle Kingdom,

      I have the honor to present the list of 23 entrants of Their Royal Majesties Savaric and Julianna's Crown Tournament, to be held on Sunday, May 27th in Their Barony of Fenix.

      Please spread this list far and wide so that all may know the names of those entering the Tournament and the ones who inspire them.

      In Service,

      Master Midair MacCormaic, Kingdom Seneschal

      Duke Stephen of Beckenham for Duchess Elina of Beckenham
      Duke Dag Thorgrimsson for Duchess AnneMarie de Garmeaulx
      Earl Lutr Ulfskjald for Countess Tessa of Wight
      Baron Vlachus Nadasdy for Baroness Una Uilbaine
      Master Einar Haakonsson for Lady Gwendolyn merch Llewelyn
      Sir Ixtilixochitl for Maestra Margherita Alessia
      Sir Lothair von Drachenstein for Baroness Ysadora von Drachenstein
      Sir Nikolai Grigorevich Petrov for Mistress Serena Kimbalwyke
      Sir Kjartan Eikbrandrson for Viscountess Isabella Falcão da Galinha
      Master Thomas Penyngton for Mistress Amelie d'Anjou
      Sir Angus Gordon for Mistress Rhonwen merch Alun
      Sir Cellach macChormach for Lady Vukasin of Lozengia
      Sir Gunnar Redboar for Baroness Finepopla la Brustier
      Master Zygmunt Nadratowski for Baroness Madeline McRae
      Sir Havard Elrick for Lady Aurora
      Baron Robert Downey for Baroness Constance Ignean Chonchobar
      Baron Artair macNeacail for Baroness Birna Gunnlaugsdottir
      Baron Edward Brackenbury for Mistress Milesent Vibert
      Captain Drust Mac Arlith for Lady Muirne of the Marshes
      Sergeant Odo of the Abbey of St. Martin for Lady Lisabetta Temperani
      Sergeant Gilebert le Braceeur de Dijon for THLady Helena Sibylla
      Lord Bastion Hammerfest for Lady Rowen of Lakewood
      Lord Galen the Traveller for Lady Annora of Beckenham

      Im Dienst,
         Genoveva von Lubeck
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