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Thank you Team -- you did your Baroness Very Proud!

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  • Nadezda
    I wanted to make a public thank you to my team for yesterday s Rose/Pearl Tournament held at Coronation. You were wonderful, looked great, and made sure the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2012

      I wanted to make a public thank you to my team for yesterday's Rose/Pearl Tournament held at Coronation.
      You were wonderful, looked great, and made sure the Midrealm will not soon forget Ayreton!
      (we won!!!)

      Knight: Sir Gueric de Weild Fuchs
      Heavy Fighter: Baron, Captain Henry of Exeter
      Bronze Ring: Warder Kai Tseng
      Rapier:  Aengus O'Nolan
      Archer: Forrester Lukas Mesmer
      Youth Fencer: Lord Kinji
      Youth Boffer: Hunter (non-Ayreton)

      Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen

      Lady Kara Atladottir

      Support Staff/Attendants:
      Lord Gareth Ostwestly
      THL Hillary of Langforde
      Dame Jocelyn Lutterworth
      LORD Ragnar the Grey (got his AoA during evening court!!!!)
      Mistress Acelina of Derelei

      Tent/Shopping/Sanity checks:
      Aethelwulf of Dover

      Further commentary:
      This was truly a full team effort. There were some losses, and obviously many wins in this tourney that was styled such that the whole team went head to head directly with another team before being able to move on. Warder Kai, however lost not a single round!
      He also challenged us all to "A Knight's Tale" like intro's, a challenge to which Herr Alexander rose to admirably--even when he had to shorten up slightly due to time constraints. This and the extra flash added by Lady Kara, combined with star spangled team tabards & a walking sunshade (thank you to my support staff for carrying it!!!) helped us win first place in the 'style' point of the tourney. This in turn broke 2 ties that we faced throughout the tourney.
      A special thank needs to go out to our own Kenji, who stepped in to fight on my team when the team we were up against only had a youth fencer (not originally part of the tourney design). With him added to the team, I snagged him another opportunity to play, and he proved his worth by winning both bouts he was in.
      I should also note that Her Majesty Julianna's was the final team we faced. I’d originally suggested to my team that in the interested of time & so as not to show up Her Majesty on her coronation day, we give them the node for that final round. To a man, none wanted to show her or her team the disservice of not meeting them at the tourney. Her Majesty even refused the marshals' request to wave off the archery round (which BTW Lukas won for us), and so our team prevailed with the help of our style points. Her majesty was very impressed with us all.

      Sir Gueric distinquished himself by also lending his services to another team, in an amazing show of community support,.

      Throughout the day my amazing support team made sure I was hydrated, covered in sunscreen, surrounded by your help, and cheered by your good humor & smiles.

      Thank you very much to my team!  I couldn’t be more proud of you!!!

      And a special thank you to my husband, who put up with a very stressed ‘Dezda the last week or so.
      But I’m all smiles now!!!

      In further commentary on the event, our own Serjeant Seamus MacBain(our premier Baronial Champion) is now one of their Majesties personal guards. I’ve already noted that Ragnar the Grey got his AoA for all the help he has provided (and was dressed accordingly), and Kith Gigs Dellinger (called the Silent) got his Willow for his metalwork.
      Congratulations to all!!!

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