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Award Recommendations, Marshalling, Volunteerism and more

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  • Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
    Greetings One and All from Caitriona, Midlands Seneschal. Kindly remember the Midlands Pilgrimage is on!  There are several events in Midlands over the next
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2012
      Greetings One and All from Caitriona, Midlands Seneschal.

      Kindly remember the Midlands Pilgrimage is on!  There are several events in Midlands over the next several weeks and I bid you one and all, come to see your friends as much as is feasible.  Their Most Royal Majesties Savaric and Julianna will be visiting Midlands at Crystal Chamfron/Butts N Bales in June and Chaos Caravan in nearby Constellation in July.  Now is the time to start looking toward award recommendations.  Their Majesties typically need at least one month advance information to determine Their court list.  Please help Them recognize the wonderful and necessary efforts of the artisans, warriors and servants to the Crown who you see doing the things that should be recognized.  If you do not feel you know how to write a recommendation I would say this:

      Go to the online Order of Precedence.  Look for the name of your intended recipient.  See what recognition they have already received.
      Sign on to the Award Recommendations.  Write about the specific things this person has done.  Dates are helpful, but not truly necessary. 
      Add what events the person will be attending, to the best of your knowledge.
      Once a month, go update the recommendations you've made by adding new information and/or the dates of newly listed upcoming events. 

      Lather, rinse, repeat!  If you have questions, please let me know.

      So, as we are coming up on a busy summer season, I would request that anyone who is a marshal of any stripe or a teacher of any craft, please, share your energy by volunteering at least at one event outside your own group.  If you have a warrant that needs dusted off, please take the time to do so and renew your enthusiasm for your area of endeavor.  If you enjoy an activity, such as archery or rapier and are not a marshal, please consider taking the time and becoming a marshal.  Volunteerism is the heart of our organization.  Your work is well and truly appreciated. 

      I am currently having conversations with our Regional Minister of Youth, Lady Anna, about how we can improve involvement of our youth at events.  One of the things I would like to encourage is for all groups to talk about things the youth can assist with, as service, at events.  Could you have youth act as the "Pony Express" by establishing a regular circuit for messages to be carried between department heads at an event?  Or, could you have a couple of Tweens help in the kitchen for a couple hours?  How about teaching them how to run the lists?  Put up a help wanted sign at Check In that specifically asks for help, with stated times and duties for example:  "Help Wanted, Two people, age 10 and up to help in the kitchen from 11 to 1.  Your duties will be to wash salad greens for feast.  No knife skills required.  Apply at the kitchen door."  It gives the youth a way to participate with adults and gives us all a chance to meet more people.  Is it a mandate from on-high, heck no.  Is it a request to help keep our Society sustainable by keeping families involved? Yup.  
      Think about it and share your ideas, success stories and outcomes.

      And, finally, folks, one of our own needs our help.  If you wish to learn more, please follow this link:   http://www.vanthor.com/bill.asp

      Thank you all for everything you do to help our Society flourish.


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