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Fwd: [MidPel] Pennsic Service Opportunity- Royal Encampment Cooking

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      Subject: [MidPel] Pennsic Service Opportunity- Royal Encampment Cooking

      Greetings to all Gentles on the Lists, (please feel free to cross post),
       As we all know an Army works best if they are fed regular meals Their Highnesses want to ensure that their very busy staff in Royal Encampment are provided for during War Week at this coming Pennsic
      To spread out the work of feeding Royal Encampment we would like to enlist the aid of teams or groups (Shires, Cantons, Baronies, households, etc. are all welcome to volunteer) that would each cover one day, serving two meals Breakfast and Dinner.
       Cooking staff will be needed Sunday through Friday of War Week (6 days -August 5th thru 10th)- We are seeking teams of about 3 to 6 members to develop the menus, prepare the meals and provide clean up for their day.

      General Information-
      • Breakfasts to be served at about 7:30-7:45 am, Dinners at 6 pm
      • Budget is $4 to $6 per person/day (receipts from cooks to be reimbursed)
      • Period cooking is not being required. Just good food. well balanced with "healthy" as a guideline for planning
      • Planned menus with budgets will be Required in advance for planning purposes and final approval by TRM.
      • Midrealm Royal has two refrigerators and one range, cookware may be needed.
      At this point we are estimating about feeding 25 Royal Staff but it could be more. As we get closer to War the numbers will be better known.

      I will be coordinating the groups/teams that would like to help out with this effort. If your group/team would like to participate please contact me Privately at nhalden@... No later than May 15th. Only one contact person from each group will be needed. You do not need to have the menu or budget at that time but dates you are available would be helpful
      Any individuals who would also like to provide support but are not part of a team can also contact me if they would like to help out on one of those days. If you have questions or planning issues please contact me as well.
      Additional information will be passed along to the groups as we plan.
      Thank you for your support.
       Dame Nicholaa Halden
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