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Ayreton Challenge the Champion

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  • anthony_satoh
    I have created a new FB group called The Barony of Ayreton-Challenge the Champion The group is an open group. Feel free to join or add others as you like.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2012
      I have created a new FB group called "The Barony of Ayreton-Challenge the Champion"
      The group is an open group. Feel free to join or add others as you like.

      At the recent event, Stone Dog, I was bestowed with the honor of (cursed with the burden of) becoming the Ayerton A&S Champion for the next term. I've been pondering what that exactly means and what I'd like to do with that title and I've come up with something that I hope will amuse at least some of you. I'm calling it "Challenge the Champion" or CtC for short.

      My hope is that this will do the following:
      - Inspire some of you to try something new
      - Inspire some of you to get others interested in what interests you
      - Inspire some future crafty folks to display something for the first time
      - Gain some recognition for you the artsy folks in Ayreton

      Here are the rules which fall into three categories:
      Part 1:
      - Challenge me to do something that you do, that you like, or that you one day hope to do.
      - Give me a list of at least 5 things which fall into that category with a brief description of why you think I should try it.
      - Give me an estimate of how much work time you think it would take you to do said project yourself.

      Part 2:
      - Receive challenges back from me. I will give you a list of things that I like to do or want to do
      - I will give you a list at least as long, if not longer than the list you provide me with
      - I will provide you with an estimate of the time that I think it would take a reasonable person to do.

      Part 3:
      - When the challenges have been exchanged and agreed upon, send pictures of progress. No documentation required, just snap photos now and then. I have a blog where I will post my progress, but will share in whatever manner works best for the challenger.
      - When the items have both been completed, they shall be loaned to the Barony for a period of one year (or less). They remain the property of the creator, but I ask simply that you allow me to display them as a collection at a few of the Barony events.
      - There is no time limit, but my term as champion is only 12 months, so if you are going to do a three year project, well, this probably isn't the right place.
      - No challenge is too small. I'm open to any new idea. I really hope to hear what inspires you and help you spread that bug.

      Key Notes:
      - The keys to note are the options and the times. Not all arts and crafts are equal, but time usually is. If you give me a challenge which would take you 10 hours to do, I will provide you with a challenge that I think should take about 10 hours. All I ask is that we make a reasonably close attempt to spend the same amount of time on our projects. If you choose to spend more, go for it.
      - If we exchange lists of challenges and nothing seems to peak your interest, no harm done. We can try again or you can simply tell me that you've changed your mind.
      - This is not a competition. I hate documentation and I would not ask of others what I don't much care to do myself. Do what you want, how you want to do it and send me pictures. I'll do what I can, when I can and post as often as I can.
      - I have a blog and I am on Facebook. If you would like to FB friend me to communicate, go for it. If you want to create a blog, Great! If you want to chat only via email, that's great too.

      This is a brain storm I had on the way driving home so, of course, I am open to comments, suggestions and complaints. This is meant as a challenge for us all. Try new things, expand your knowledge and most of all, get others interested in what YOU like to do.

      PS. I'm highly allergic to performing in public. So, don't ask. Sorry bards and performers. Not gonna happen. No amount of prodding or alcohol will get me into that A&S pool of talent.

      -Ercc (Mundane Anthony Satoh)

      Feel free to forward to others who may not be on this list. I am not on all the other Canton lists.

      My Email: Ercc.Glaison@...
      FB Profile: http://www.facebook.com/anthony.satoh
      Blog: http://www.ercc-glaison.blogspot.com/
      The Barony of Ayreton FB group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/71826746135/
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