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Re: [Ayreton] Re: [TerraeFinis] Fwd: [Bronze_Ring] Grand Tournament at Coronation

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  • Dayle Harding
    I understand the confusion, tho.  The one opposite Rites is Unicorn, which is in Ohio.  I was confused when I heard when Savaric s elevation was. Acelina
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 16, 2012
      I understand the confusion, tho.  The one opposite Rites is Unicorn, which is in Ohio.  I was confused when I heard when Savaric's elevation was.


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      Subject: [Ayreton] Re: [TerraeFinis] Fwd: [Bronze_Ring] Grand Tournament at Coronation

      Coronation is 5 May.

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      I am Rapier Marshal in charge at Rites of Spring which, is the same weekend. 
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      Subject: [TerraeFinis] Fwd: [Bronze_Ring] Grand Tournament at Coronation

           So, who all is getting up teams?

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      Subject: [Bronze_Ring] Grand Tournament at Coronation
      To All Members of the Rose, and to all Landed, and Court Baronesses, 
      Please join the Gallery for the Grand Tournament, to celebrate the Coronation of Julianna and Savarric,  by bringing a team to compete on the afternoon of the event .
      Each team will consist of:
      Member of the Chivalry
      Unbelted fighter
      Bronze Ring or equivalent
      Unscarved Fencer
      Youth combatants will probably be used as a pool since we're unlikely to have enough to go around.  However, feel free to bring one in each division if you'd like your own.
      Each team will also be given points for it's heraldry and presentation, to include spiff armor and dress of all team members.  Members of the Gallery who do not have a complete team are encouraged to shop the field to complete your team on the morning of the event.
      Their Highnesses have also asked that all sunshades next to the list are of canvas with modern sunshades allowed in the next row back.  Some shade will be provided for the gallery to use.
      We do ask that those seeking membership on a team appear in the lists on the morning of Coronation so that those members of the Gallery without a team may have the opportunity to choose members.  There will be Tournaments in the afternoon for those who aren't chosen for a team.
      Baroness Moira MacGillavrey
      Barony of Sternfeld
      Please feel free to cross post.

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