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BoD Announcement: Recruitment and Retention Officer

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      The Board of Directors proposes the following changes to Corpora to establish the position of Recruitment and Retention Officer (formally known variously as Chatelaine, Hospitaller, and Gold Key Officers) as a Society Level Office with associated Great Officer positions at the kingdom level.  The deadline for comments from the membership regarding this subject is no later than August 1, 2012.

      Please send comments to: SCA Inc. Box 360789 Milpitas CA, 95036, or email them in the body of an email message (without any attachments) to comments at sca.org.

      Corpora VI Society Officers
      J. Recruitment and Retention? The Society Recruitment and Retention Officer is responsible for developing, administering, and coordinating Society efforts to recruit new participants and members, and enhance the retention and membership rates of existing participants and members across the membership lifecycle.  The Society Recruitment and Retention Officer will develop and disseminate Society-wide electronic and print marketing collateral and materials, develop training materials for kingdom and local recruitment and retention officers, and supervise the efforts of kingdom level officers.  This office will focus on newcomer recruitment and orientation as well as existing and lapsed participant and member retention.  The officer will work jointly with all Society Officers to administer Demonstration policy at the local level. The Officer will ensure that effective communication is maintained with all Society and Corporate Officers.

      Please Note ? this will make the current information located at J move to K.

      Corpora VII Kingdom, Principality and Local Officers
      Officers assist Royalty in the administration of the lands and branches of the realm.  Each officer has a specific area of specialization, and a defined geographic scope.  Within these bounds, an officer coordinates branch activities, and may supervise deputies or lesser officers.  Kingdom Great Officers are responsible directly to the Crown, but also report to a corresponding Society Officer if such a Society Officer exists.  Each Kingdom?s Great Officer corps must include the Seneschal, the Principal Herald, the Earl Marshal, the Minister of Arts and Sciences, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Chronicler, the Chirurgeon and the Regional Recruitment and Retention Officer (AKA Chatelaine, Hospitaller,  and Gold Key).
      The Regional Recruitment and Retention Officer
      The Regional Recruitment and Retention Officer (AKA Chatelaine, Hospitaller, and Gold Key) is responsible for coordination of the Society recruitment and retention efforts at the Kingdom level; coordination of related training materials for local and regional officers; maintaining demonstration materials for the kingdom; and for administration of recruitment and retention policy at the Kingdom, regional, and local levels as directed by the Society Recruitment and Retention Officer.


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