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That Knight Tree thing again.

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  • Carrot Khan
    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aun1yHH83aNpdDF4QzRUdU4tWFJ6RVBkdHhrNHJaVVE Its not a very elegant link, but then right now it s not a very
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2012

      Its not a very elegant link, but then right now it's not a very
      elegant project! I know that I have this files saved for the A&S 50
      people, but I put it in a Google doc so it would be easier to share
      around so people can see what I'm doing. I'm not doing the
      Whitebelt.com project, as you can see (if you click on the link and it
      actually works) that its a lineage and not an OP.

      To explain it all a bit further -

      1) Ignore the highlighting on some of the names. I've had to go back
      and double check from the very start because I ended up with missing
      names, wrong dates, numerous duplicates and the like. This is a way
      for me to "cross off" each name as I come across them. I just
      finished Middle tonight and am progressing through the kingdoms in
      order of founding (which is what I did not do last time hence some of
      the problems).

      2) There are tabs at the bottom for each of the five lineages of
      knights. In this particular project, a Knight Lineage is a "Who
      Dubbed Who" - with the Corpora idea that "only a knight can make a
      knight". I know that most knights hold the lineage to whom they were
      squired to be of more important than to whomever happened to be king
      that day - but as there were 12 original knights, with only five of
      the 12 actually knighting anyone in turn, its interested to see how
      the Dream spread down through the years from those few five. (For
      those in the Middle, the Middle Knights are almost entirely contained
      in the Siegfried von Hoflichskeit lineage, only a handful exist out of
      kingdom, but please peruse!)

      3) I anticipate errors and I apologize ahead of time! I've gone
      through a number of kingdoms, but not everyone has excellent
      historical records (have I mentioned how amazingly awesomesauce the
      Atenveldt OP is?) and the early days were somewhat before meticulous
      record keeping. Then there's the problem of a king who is not
      knighted and someone else must hold the sword. While I can usually
      find during what reign someone is elevated, very rarely does it
      mention who the knight was that held the sword at the request of the
      king. That is information I'd be eager to have, even though it must
      mean I'd have to re-arrange huge swaths of the tree.

      4) I have a page with "unknown lineages" and they're names I can't
      attach to anyone yet, but its is mostly because I've not gotten
      through all the kingdoms or because I there's been a name change and I
      don't know the alias.

      5) I'm pretty sure I have it locked, but if I messed that up - please
      don't self-edit. Send me the information and I'll try to log it in

      6) Why yes, I am crazy. Crazy for genealogy! (okay, going to bed now)

      Jadwiga Wlodzislawska
      Tapestry Chick (but not tonight)
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