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      Subject: [Mid] Fwd: [SCA-AE] medieval clothing resource

      I think that this is a cause that many of us will wish to join.

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      Subject: [SCA-AE] medieval clothing resource
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      I had the opportunity to look at the German volume, basically Dr. Kania's
      dissertation on the construction of medieval clothing. It is a fabulous
      resource, and should end up on many of our bookshelves.

      She's trying to interest a publisher in putting together an English translation,
      but needs to demonstrate interest. I urge you to sign up on her website
      to demonstrate that there are plenty of people who would buy this if
      it becomes available.

      Not only is she a scholar, Katrin is a reenactor herself, and has put a lot
      of effort into actually making and wearing the clothing she researches.

      You are welcome to forward her information widely.


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      From: Katrin Kania <katrin.kania@...>
      Date: Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 3:04 AM
      Subject: [MEDTC-DISCUSS] English Version of "Kleidung im Mittelalter"
      To: MEDTC-DISCUSS@yahoogroups.com


      as some of you might know, my dissertation about construction and
      sewing technique of medieval garments in Europe from 500 to 1500,
      titled "Kleidung im Mittelalter" was published in 2010 as the German
      original. I have been getting requests to publish it in English as
      well and have been looking for a publishing house for this.

      Unfortunately, it is not the easiest of things to find a suitable
      house that is interested in publication. I have, however, now found
      one that is considering a publication. It's not all settled yet, but
      if you are interested in buying an English version and would like to
      be informed about developments, you can subscribe to an infoletter


      With your subscription, you are also signaling your interest so the
      publisher and me so we can figure out how big the print run can be,
      and you give us an indication for pricing. And please pass on this
      information - the more people know about it, the better!

      Thanks and all the best,


      Katrin Kania: "Kleidung im Mittelalter. Materialien - Konstruktion -
      Nähtechnik. Ein Handbuch."
      529  S. mit 357 s/w-Abb. und 51 farb. Abb. auf 24  Taf. Böhlau-Verlag Köln
      Preis 67,90 €
      ISBN 978-3-412-20482-2

      Dr. Katrin Kania M.A.
      An der Lauseiche 8
      91058 Erlangen

      Telefon: 09131-816665
      mobil: 0160-91614276
      Blog (englisch) auf togs-from-bogs.blogspot.com

      Sarah Goslee
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