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Armored Combat at Festival of Maidens

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  • Sir Ix
    Unto all armored fighters of the Middle Kingdom. I invite you all to meet the variety of challenges being offered this year at the Festival of Maidens. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2011
      Unto all armored fighters of the Middle Kingdom. I invite you all to
      meet the variety of challenges being offered this year at the
      Festival of Maidens. This year Saturday will feature three
      tournaments plus teaching lists. In addition Sunday will feature
      morning and early afternoon melee challenges and a five man team
      tournament. On Saturday we will feature six full sized list fields.
      On Sunday the entire room will be dedicated to fighting.

      The new highlight to Maidens will be the Unbelted Invitational
      Tournament. To enter this tournament you must be an unbelted fighter
      and not sitting royalty, Your Highness :). You must find an attending
      member of the order of Chivalry to sponsor you. All Chivalry will
      have tokens to give to the unbelts they think are most worthy. The
      tournament will be fought double elimination until the final round.
      The final round will be best of five with the first four rounds being
      matched weapon styles a follows with the following choices - Sword
      and Shield, Two Sword, Pole Arm, Mace and Shield, Sword and Buckler,
      6' Spear (may be shorter) and Two Handed Sword. If the fifth round is
      needed, it will be choice on choice.

      The novice tournament will be open to any fighter with three years or
      less experience and no fighting awards and no tournament victories.
      It will be fought round robin, time permitting.

      The traditional pool tourney will feature no more than 10 fighters
      per pool. The top 4 from each pool will advance to a second pool that
      will then advance the top 16 fighters to a double elimination tourney

      At the end of the first pool, two lists will opened up for teaching
      and pickups. These will remain open for the remainder of the day.

      On Sunday we will the fight melee scenarios with everyone that wishes
      to come out. HRH Savaric encourages everyone to come out and play on
      Sunday. This will be a great opportunity for some large scale fun. We
      will be doing melee scenarios starting at 10:30AM.

      In addition the Armored Lists' room will open at 6:30 P.M. Friday
      evening for pickup fights and to allow armor to be stored overnight.
      At least one armored/rapier marshal will be available that evening.
      If authorizations Friday evening are desired, let
      chuck.ehlschlaeger@... know in advance to allow marshals to get

      To make matters easier, the room will be kept secure overnight both
      Friday and Saturday and you may leave your armor there.

      My goal is as much fighting as I could possibly handle. So polish
      your harness and prepare your swords and poles. As marshal in charge
      I offer this schedule of fighting:

      9AM - Lists open and inspections begin.
      9:30AM - Authorizations begin
      10AM - Novice Tournament Starts
      11AM - Unbelted Invitational Tournament
      1 list open for teaching after authorizations
      1PM - Open Pool Tournament
      ~3PM - Open lists for pickup and teaching

      Lists close when HRH wishes court to begin.

      Please repost this to any other lists both in and out of kingdom.
      Sir Ixtilixochitl
      Middle Kingdom - http://www.midrealm.org
      Midlands - http://www.themidlands.org
      House Terrae Finis - http://www.terraefinis.org
      Barony of Illiton http://www.illiton.org
      Canton of Lochmorrow - http://www.lochmorrow.org
      KSCA, OP

      Bo Ring
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