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Scrollcases as high as the throne

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  • Fern
    Dear Ayreton, The last time Ayreton (actually, it was pre-barony ) provided scrollcases, we used the phrase as high as the thrones . That was about 4 ft
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      Dear Ayreton,

      The last time Ayreton (actually, it was "pre-barony") provided scrollcases, we used the phrase "as high as the thrones". That was about 4 ft high, and we succeeded by making 250 scrollcases.

      As a matter of fact, 250 wasn't quite enough. the final scrollcase was placed standing up, to give us the last six inches that we needed.

      However, since Ayreton is only one of the19 baronies contributing to this scroll/ scrollcase challenge, I suspect that 50 would be a substantial pile.

      I will be making scrollcases as my contribution. Good luck to all!



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      Sorry, when I put that out there I thought I recalled Ayerton doing this by themselves once before.  And depending on the material used, most are made from cardboard, but some used thicker/sturdier materials too (which do make nicer and longer lasting scroll cases).

      And they wouldn't have to be new scroll cases, if the members of the populous that have scroll cases at home that they transported their scroll home in just sitting around, please bring them back so we can get them to the signets/scribes to be re-used.  This is a good thing and I would count a returned scroll case to the height-challenge.


      Lord Justice McArtain
      Dragon Signet

      Protege to Mistress Elena de Vexin
      Student to Mistress Angharad Rhos Tewdwr of Pembroke

      MKA Justice Napier Jr

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      Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 15:20:04 -0600
      Subject: RE: [Ayreton] Re: Midrealm Scroll Blank and Scroll Case Challenge


      OK.  Just wanted to make sure.  I guess that math sound about right and that is in fact a LOT of cases.
      I cut out blanks for 30 scroll cases and they don't even come up to 12 inches.  When I looked at that it just seemed odd.
      Wanted to make sure before I put them together.
      Thanks for the info.

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      Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 16:06:43 -0500
      Subject: Re: [Ayreton] Re: Midrealm Scroll Blank and Scroll Case Challenge

      That is the correct information. Hi Majesty in my estimation is over six feet tall.

      Is that number of scroll cases needed?  Depends on how you wish to define need vs want.  There was a time in the Midrealm that every scroll that was given out went with a scroll case.  Now, you have to ask for it and hope that there is one left for your scroll.  At any given court 5 awards up to 25 awards can be given out  Do this two to three times a month averaging about 15 scrolls a court and by the end of one month you have given out 30-45 scrolls and potentially scroll cases.  Multiply this by six months of their Majesties reign and that comes out to about 180 to 270 scrolls and potentially scroll cases.  Just some rough math on my part using memory not checking the actually stats.

      Scroll cases, and for that matter scrolls, are not a requirement or a need.  The scroll is a nice tangible reminder and display piece showing people you have received and award or been admitted into an order.  The scroll case is what will protect the scroll on the ride home.  I know that I have treasured being able to have a scroll case to protect the scrolls I have received at court.  More are always appreciated.

      For those who wish to know more about how to make a scroll case, essentially the pattern for a scroll case is that of a book cover and you can find patterns for those on the internet rather easily.




      Of course there is the scroll case page part of this challenge as well:


      Yours in service to Midrealm,

      Ian the Green

      On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 2:21 PM, anthony_satoh <anthony_satoh@...> wrote:
      I have a question regarding the following portion of the post:

      > The challenge is to create a pile of scroll cases as tall as His Majesty and I have no doubt that the good populace of the Middle Kingdom can meet this challenge and perhaps even exceed it.

      Is that right? I started making some of these cases and based on the thickness of the ones I have so far, this will result in A LOT of cases? Unless His Majesty is also the mayor of munchin land, there will be a ton of scroll cases. What is the realistic number of scroll cases which is actually needed?


      Yours In Service,

      Lord Ian the Green

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