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  • Verena Entenwirt
    I would also like to take a moment to say thank you to all scribes who helped out to create such fantastic scrolls for this past RUM. I was able to see the
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      I would also like to take a moment to say thank you to all scribes who helped out to create such fantastic scrolls for this past RUM. I was able to see the amazing works that both Elleniora and Hillary did on two of the Augmentation Scrolls, and they were fantastic.

      From the bottom of my heart, thank you to every Ayreton Scribe who helped out and contributed.


      On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 12:28 PM, <Scribesquire@...> wrote:

      Our apologies for missing this but Mistress Sarafina was also given a Royal Augmentation!  Congrats to Mistress Sarafina!


      THL Nadezda ze Zastrizl,  Cpt Henry of Exeter
      Baroness, Baron Ayreton

      From: BaronessBaron Ayreton <ayretonbaronessbaron@...>
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      Subject: [Ayreton]

      Belatedly we’d like to say Thank You to all All Souls staff for support and lovely baronial space. The day was quite enjoyable. Lady Marissa in particular was wonderful about checking in with us, and seeing to our needs.
      Thank you to Dame Nicholla & her marvelous kitchen staff for a wonderful feast!
      Congratulations to Seamus MacBain on receipt of the new baronial order of Ursus for his service to the barony as our heavy fighting champion (a full description of the order with wording will appear in the January Zephyr), as well as his efforts to expand fighting in our lands Gwynneth verch Ieuan is also being elevated to this order.
      Congratulations to Lord Alexandru Vladescu on his taking on the mantel of our new heavy fighting champion.
      Congratulations and good luck to Lady Elinora on her apprenticeship to Mistress Joycelynn, and also to Herr Alexander on his being protegee’d to Master Ettienne.
      Thank you to Hillary & Gareth for all their service to us!
      For our shining stars at this past weekend’s RUM:
      Congratulations to Tacit on being asked to join the Order of the Laurel!
      Congratulations to our Ayreton Seamstresses: Mistress Julianna, Lady Kara, Lady Verana on their Royal Augmentation of Arms to denote their service to the kingdom and keeping our royalty looking regal!
      Congratulations to Dame Nicholla on her Evergreen!
      To all of our recent award recipients: Huzzah!!!
      Looking ahead to 12th Night, Their Royal Highnesses will be hosting a Regency court in our lands. As such, we urge you to get your award recommendations in before the onslaught of holiday revelry wipes these thoughts from our minds, and to do lists.
      To all our area scribes/aspiring scribes: Please note the recent Pale letter detailing a scribal challenge set forth by our kingdom signet. Please contact Lady Kara as to how we can contribute together as a barony for this.
      We would like each canton to consider making a banner with the canton’s arms and the baronial arms ala the 40 year banners. In this instance, the banner would be split with Ayreton devices & canton device, to enhance our presence while still honoring each canton. The best plan would be to do all 5 together as a work party, similar to what we did for 40 year.  
      Please check in with Mistress Sarafina about these plans and any other thoughts you might have about augmenting our baronial presence, as well as attending at 12th Night.
      Lastly, we’d like to solicit aide from anyone interested in being land agent(s) for Pennsic War 41.

      THL Nadezda ze Zastrizl,  Sgt Henry of Exeter
      Baroness, Baron Ayreton

      Lady Verena Entenwirth
      Midlands Regional A&S Champion

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