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Less than a month till the Carnivale

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  • Christopher Todesco
    The Ayreton Carnival and Midlands A&S Faire is three short weeks away. Here s an update of what s been going on and what still needs to be done: First and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2007
      The Ayreton Carnival and Midlands A&S Faire is three short weeks away.  Here's an update of what's been going on and what still needs to be done:

      First and foremost, we are in need of volunteers for various activities, especially people to sit at troll, watch youth, general gophers, clean-up, and heralds.  The more people who volunteer, the less time each volunteer will have to put in.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact me or the coordinator for the various activities as listed below.

      Lochlainn MacGregor <MacGregorsCairn at aol.com> is the A&S Faire autocrat.  Questions and issues dealing with the A&S side should go to him.  Kristiana of Arden <Kristianaofarden at hotmail.com> is the contact for all entrants and judges.  If you are making a submission or want to help judge, please contact her.

      Ravenslake is also doing a full Education Day schedule of classes-- currently there are over 30 classes on the docket!  The full schedule will be posted to the website soon.  If you have questions, or are interested in teaching, please contact the class coordinator Metylda of Ravenslake <metylda at gmail.com>.

      Our fighter room has more area in it than some events!  We plan on doing many war-practice activities in addition to standard tournaments.  The Martial Activity Coordinator is Dietrich von Hamburg <davidpeg at ix.netcom.com> who is responsible for keeping everything on the fighting side running smoothly.

      We still do not have a heavy marshal-in-charge!  We have enough room to do very large melees (without squeezing rapier or youth boffer into a corner), including hanging curtains that will make combat archery and maybe siege weapons possible!  If you are interested in being a marshal for this event, contact Dietrich and/or myself.

      Anton du Marais <rapier-anton at hotmail.com> is the Rapier marshal-in-charge.  He's got a full day planned, including working closely with the war command staff to coordinate a Kindom War Raier Practice, Pennsic Champions Tryouts, and an Elite Unit Challenge.  Warder Christian Fournier is handling the Kingdom command side. 

      Acelina <acelinaofderelei at yahoo.com> is marshal-in-charge of youth boffer combat.

      Shari of Ravenslake is marshal-in-charge of archery.  (I don't have contact information on hand...)  We do not have a thrown weapons marshal-in-charge either.  Please remember, archery and thrown weapons are required to be out-doors at this site, so these are weather-dependent.

      Head of Troll is Phebe Bonadeci (aka PJ Reaney) <reaneypj at yahoo.com>.  I've found a place that's selling surplus mardi gras masks for $1.80/dozen.  Since most of the masks of mardi gras are influenced by the renaissance Venetian Carnivale, it was suggested we try to get surplus mardi gras stuff for site tokens and decorations-- especially now since it's right after mardi gras. 

      Merchant coordinator is Nadezda ZeZastrizl <nadezda_z at earthlink.net>.  She currently has 15 slots filled, and there's room for many more.  If you're interested in merchanting at this event, or know someone who might, please contact her. 

      Youth activities (non-martial) are being run by Evzenie <davidpeg at ix.netcom.com> and Meurig ap Cnfarch <nicothoe at yahoo.com>

      The Feast's head chef is Ghita <suzanearley at comcast.net>, and head server is Fiona ni Chiardubhain <jobear_4 at yahoo.com>

      We do not currently have any entertainment planned for during feast, nor any post-feast activities such as dance, bardic circle, etc.  We would definitely benefit from these activities, with so many talented bards and dancers in the area.

      Any further questions, issues, or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me or post to this mailing list.

      ~Tedesco da Venezia~
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