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Fw: [Scolairi] FW: [Mid] Fifth Bridge Favors

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  • Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
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      Subject: [Mid] Fifth Bridge Favors

      Greetings unto the noble populace of the great Midrealm, from your humble
      servant Godfrey Thacker of Northumberland.

      This year at Pennsic during the second bridge battle, an epic push was made
      in the last few minutes by the fighters on the fifth bridge (the one closest
      to the fort).  It ended with the Dragon Army spilling out both ends of the
      fifth bridge to engulf the Tygers on at least 2 additional bridges. An Award
      of the Dragon's Teeth was made to these fighters by HRM.

      It was read into court as being given to "Middle Marches, Constellation, and
      the other fighters on the fifth bridge".  As there are no records kept of
      who was on what bridge when, I guess it will be on your honor as to whether
      you deserve to be recognized in that group.

      Since this is a group award, and it's badge can not be displayed
      individually, and it may be difficult to sort out who was who from the
      eclectic group of "other" fighters,  I have made up, with some sewing help
      from the members of my Canton, and some donated material from Sgt. Raphael
      and his Lady, Margaret, favors that show the Dragon's Teeth Badge, and a
      symbol to represent the 5th bridge.

      If you believe you are in this group, find me at an event  (look for a green
      hat or green and white nebuly trim...) or drop me an email and we'll see if
      I can get one relayed out to you.  If you are a group that needs a bunch of
      them, I'll mail them out en-masse to a contact person, but I don't want to
      get into mailing single favors all over the Kingdom. I'll be at Pounce and
      Red Dragon for sure.

      So Hoobah to my brother's and sisters in arms for this epic deed...

            Verba Movent - Exempla Trahunt
      Words move people, Example compels them

          Godfrey Thacker of Northumberland.

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